Am I the only one

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My storefront has been up for maybe a month I as others invested in ads much traffic no sales I also notice when I'm on my website as a viewer  I go back to the admin see someone viewing Me of course and go live view and it's showing a state I'm not in. It has me wondering asking questions Yes I invested but should I take my losses or give it a few months to see if anything changes 

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Hi, Danette!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

I want to first start by letting you know that I can tell that you have put lots of hard work into building your website and it really shows. It takes time to bring traffic to your website and make sales. I did take a look at your website and have some feedback that you may want to consider implementing. This will help make your website look more professional which will make people feel more comfortable purchasing from your store.

1) When I first went to your website, the popup from Groove Jar that says 'Congratulations you won 30% off' looks very spammy. Especially when it appears every time someone goes to your website. I recommend removing Groove Jar (including the timer it comes with) and instead, add a message to your Privy app saying that a discount code will be sent to their inbox when they sign up for your email list. Afterwards, you will need to edit your Welcome Email to include a discount code.

2) You have a wide variety of products in your store which is not a bad thing, but you may want to think about narrowing down the products you have and market to a specific niche. I browsed through the products in your store and to be honest, it looks like you are selling random products in hopes that something will sell. The general store mentality does not work when you are starting a business and it gives people the impression that you are just wanting to take their money. I don't want you to get discouraged when hearing this because this is extremely common when starting a dropshipping business for the first time. There are so many products to choose from that it's easy to select ones that you like because other people will like them too - and this is true. Other people will like the products you choose, but when you put a mixture of products that do not belong together, it makes all of the products that you are selling seem cheap. 

A good place to start is to sit down with a paper and pen and begin to think about your who your ideal customer is and what are their interests, hobbies, goals in life, and so on. It's also important to think about what your passions are and what type of products do you want to have. A great article to read through is How to Use Niche Marketing to Build a Business from the Ground Up to help with this process. Shopify also has a podcast called Shopify Masters. In one episode, there is an interview about How Solé Bicycles Sells 15,000 Bikes A Year With Niche Content Marketing that interviews a real business that markets to people that want a specific lifestyle instead of from a product perspective.

3) Personally, I'm not a fan of the grey on grey logo that you have for your business. That being said, design is not a strong suit of mine so you may want to ask for additional opinions from other people. If you would like to alter or change your logo, we have information about free logo makers here

4) Once you have an idea of the type of business you would like to have and the niche you would like to market to, you should change the slides on your homepage to match your business. There are lots of really neat websites with free stock images that you can use for your slideshow and other parts of your website. 

5) With the increase in online shopping, many people are very in tune with what makes a website trustworthy. Lots of people will look for a Contact Page and a Refund Policy before they decide to make a purchase. It's a good idea to have both on your website so that your customers can reach you if they have any questions and also know your policies when it comes to returns. We have instructions on how to make a Contact Page here. You can create a Refund Policy using Shopify's automatically generated one using these steps. Afterward, you will need to make a page for your Refund Policy so that you can add it to your Navigation and have it appear on your website. Most people will put their Refund Policy in the footer. 

The map in the Shopify admin that says where your customers are viewing your website from is based on where their internet connection is and where their IP address is being routed from. A member of our Tier 2 Department sent me an article on this subject here.

I hope this information helps with your business! If you have any questions Shopify Support is available 24/7! ?

Jade | Social Care

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Why should I buy a fire TV stick from you when I can get one from Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and of course, Amazon itself? There's no information about who you are, where your company is located, and there isn't even an email address or phone number. I definitely don't get a trustworthy vibe from this site at all.

You're shooting yourself in the foot by offering a hodge podge of unrelated items which can also be found at larger and trusted retailers.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for your honesty and feedback


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Hey MixMatchMelody , Your site is looking perfect. Do little advertise on your site on Instagram, Facebook or you can run google ads so that people know about your store. If you can do them perfectly you will get the good result.
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Hi Danette,

Your website is looking good. It needs some work but, don't give up.

Your store is very new still. With improvements and continue work you will succeed.

Sometimes I feel the same way. But, I keep pushing!  ?

My store is a few months old and I'm still making improvements. I keep advertising and doing everything I possibly can to bring more traffic. I have 119 sales and I feel that I hardly sell anything.  I know it will get better,... Anyway!

Jade suggestions are great! Work on those. I love Jade! She is the best!  :)

Don't give up! You can do it! ? 


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