Any Feedback Is Welcome

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We have been in business for over 2 years now and would love to receive some feedback with regards to products, descriptions and the homepage on our website.

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The home page is completely looks like full of products/collections.but when i observe the main banner it is looking odd since the products on the banner are not realistic look.Please put a different kind of collections on the banner so that it may have attractive look to the customers.

All the designs are really awesome.

Footer section is completely merged in the background.Due to black colour the content in the footer looking little bit small and odd look.please increase the font size and make the content bright.

You have mentioned terms and conditions in your site but there is no acceptance checkbox before payment box (at checkout).make a correction to avoid refund policy or any other issues related to delivary.Refer any good terms and conditions app to clear this area.

All the Best for your festive sales.

Thank You