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Hello everyone and goodmorning!

My website, like others struggles from the normal somewhat high bounce rate and cart abandonment.

I would love for anyone to check it out and let me know if there are things that can be improved, removed, or adjusted.

This site has been created almost a month but the last week is where traffic has been up due to Google Ads and FB ads.


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Hi Justin,

Guru Micah here to help!

Not to worry Justin, this tends to happen with lots of stores just starting off, but don’t fret we have a few things we can look into adding to gain trust with your new customers! When taking a look at your store (which is coming together quite nicely) there’s a few things I would recommend:

To start off, the slideshow on the homepage of your site has some really awesome call to action buttons (shop now). What I recommend is adding a word describing what they will be shopping when they click on that button. For instance, the picture of the red phone could say something along the lines of “Shop Phone Accessories” as this will give the customer more guidance as to where they want to shop.

Along with that another awesome feature to have on your store is a “Contact us” and “About Us” page. Again this is something that really helps build trust among new customers visiting your store. Here’s a great blog post with tips on how to write the best about us page!

Lastly another really good feature to add is having a “Refund Policy”, “Privacy Policy” and “Terms Of Service” list on your site. Again this is to help clear any confusions or questions customers may have.

One thing I really want to recognize is the Loyalty Program you set up that’s a really awesome feature to have for your customers!

Keep up with the good work Justin and let me know if you need any help with implementing any of these recommendations or have any questions at all! :)

Micah Knight

Customer Success Guru | Shopify

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Hey Justin , 

i just had a look into your site and i find the slideshow at the beginning cool . But i have to point out that , starting from the Header of your Site , your Logo took too much space and the rest of the line stayed blank and that doesn t make sense . Also i feel like the site is too overcrowded with menus like the social media menu , VIP loyalityand the messenger . what i recommand is , although i m a new one to shopify as wel , is to minimize the number of those menus because it gives a bad impression . i hope you find my Feedback helpful . i ll post my Website as soon as i m finished with it in order to get a review from you as well . 

Ghassen .

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Hey, Justin!

I'm Aria, a Social Care guru at Shopify. ?

Micah had some great tips for you there. I thought I would see if I can help you out a bit further. 

I would remove this link:

It navigates away from your site, on to the logo design site. While we're on the subject though, I'd definitely recommend you have a professional looking logo, rather than just text. Hopefully, that's something you're working on. There are lots of options available, including Hatchful which is free. Make sure your logo looks good everywhere. The previous one you were using is getting cut off on Facebook: 

Make sure it's quick and easy for your customers to contact you and get a response. The faster you can answer their questions, the more likely they are to make a purchase. If you can't provide a phone number, the Messenger Channel is a great option. It allows you to quickly respond on your phone when you're out and about. A Contact Form will also reduce customer effort as they won't need to open their email account to send you an email. We also have apps for that.

Make sure you build your social media following to give yourself a platform to work with for your marketing. It will also make your business look more professional. Check out the following blog posts for some inspiration: 

We also have the brand new Shopify Academy which is taught by successful entrepreneurs and is completely free to join. Find out how others made a success of their store. 

I wish you all the very best with your business. Reach out any time if you need more support.

Social Care Guru

Aria | Social Care @ Shopify
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