Any advice on my Shopify store

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Hi All.


i have just setup my store on

As Shopify store owners/experts, do you have any advice how I can improve anything?



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Hey there, @Postgiftuk!  

Congrats on the store! You’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort to your store, and it’s turning out great. You have the foundation here for a fantastic store.

I also see you’re using Lucky Orange. With visitor behavior data flowing in, you have a plethora of insight to use to really understand what people aren’t checking out and how to improve their experience. I’m on the founders, so I know a thing (or 300) about it!

Back to your store. Let’s start at the homepage

  • Announcement bar: Make it stand out - if you want to use green, use a green background! The point is to make it really stand out and then link it to your product page. 
  • Glitch: I found a glitch in your hero image. Because it rotates automatically, it actually shirts the page down automatically as well. So if I’m looking at your announcement bar or menu bar, I can’t look at it longer than a few seconds before the image rotates. It happens also if I’m lower on the page. My guess is that if you look at your scroll heatmap, you’ll see that they aren’t able to scroll very far as a result.
  • Hero image: I would focus on one image rather than three images. I would also redesign the image itself; the text on the bottom is cut off on desktop. It’s missing a strong message and CTA. Since you use heatmaps, I would see how many people are clicking on your hero image assuming that it’s linked.
  • First graphic: I really like the ordering process graphic, but be sure they are linked. Use your click heatmap to see how many people are clicking on it, especially the first two squares, thinking that they are linked.
  • Since you have international shipping, add a currency localization tool. 
  • Watch a few session recordings of people engaging with your store. How are they navigating to products? What are their hang-ups? 

For your footer, I would make sure there are relevant pages included. I found Shipping and About Us in the main navigation. I would make sure they are in the footer as well, along with a Contact Us page. When it comes to customers, having your email address and phone number available in multiple places is a good thing!

Looking at your main navigation, there’s room to simplify it. 

  • Check your heatmaps to see where people click. My assumption is that you’ll be able to keep About Us and Shipping in the footer rather than the main navigation.
  • I would do some testing with your layout here. Looking at your business model, it may be hard to simplify it more than it is now. My initial thought was to offer a Womens Box with a 5 and 10 item option, but I’m not sure how that would work with your current setup. I would keep watching those session recordings to see where people are clicking to access your product.

Moving on to your collection pages, I really like your product here. It’s a fun gift basket. I only have just one suggestion: Add a filter. You have so many great products here, and it would be nice to be able to sort by product type, material, etc. For example, I may want all chocolate products but don’t want to search through all of your products to find them.

Finally, product pages. There’s not much to them, so I would watch how many people are accessing that “read more” and how many people don’t bother. For jewelry pieces, I would add more information on the length of the chain, size of the pendent, etc. Since this is a gift your customers are sending to others, you have a duty to make sure your customers and their recipients are happy. 

I would add a review option here though; people love to read reviews from customers to support their decision to buy (or not). I also noticed that on product pages that had multiple options, like the headbands, the product didn’t automatically update to the color selected.

Overall, you really have a great product here and a solid foundation to a store. Keep evaluating your site, and let me know if you need any assistance with anything.

Good luck, Ian and happy tracking!

Cheers - Danny

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Hey, overall your store looks great. However, I highly recommend you get a custom logo design. Your logo/brand is extremely important when it comes to converting potential customers. It is the first thing potential customers see and it can either leave a good or bad first-impression. You want a logo that immediately communicates to your customers "you can trust us" and is memorable so they can recognize your business in future interactions.

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