Any and all feedback appreciated!

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New to the ecommerce world and would LOVE to get some feedback on my store.


I have had success driving people to my site. According to my dashboard I am in the top 13% for traffic compared to other sites that launched at the same time. That's great! However.....people come, they look around and then LEAVE! The number of purchases is not as high as I would like to see with that traffic and I can't continue to use my small profits on advertising.


I just recently installed Hotjar so am curious to see the outcome there. From the few videos I have watched I think I may get rid of the pop ups since people are x'ing out of those right away (using OptinMonster and it is not cheap). I also recently did away with the countdown timer and pop up that would tell you if someone bought something. I thought they made my store look not legit (just my opinion! - I took a course that swears by them).


Obviously I need to figure out how to better read and utilize my analytics (both Shopify, Compass and Google Analytics). I just find them very cumbersome and hard to decipher! They analytics may be telling me what to do and I don't even know it.


Basically am wondering if it's my product, pricing, layout, design??? What makes so many people leave without making a purchase?!


Thanks in advance for any help!


We have a few clients that target parents with young children, which is where my feedback will come from.


  1.  Move the sidebar navigation to the top. This is going to make it easier for people on a mobile phone

  2. The navigation should have your product categories, so people can click on the category they want. i.e. blanket, knitted blankets...ect. Having to click on the Shop + is awkward

  3. The image at the top with the text is not proportional at all. This makes it looks like a mismatch from a design POV

  4. Get rid of the popup.. it's not adding any value.


For your product pages, I would look to teak and make some changes there as well.


  1. Try to have all images be the same size and shape. Also try to have 3 - 5 images... some product pages I randomly picked only had 2

  2. Remove the "PayPal Verify" images as it gets in the way of people buying. If you want to keep it then have it in the footer. Also on this blanket, I'm getting asked to pay with Amazon, which is a disconnect between that and the PayPal messaging

  3. Link or mention about shipping costs and return/refund is good on each product page


Check out a post I left for another store on what you should do to get up and running on Google Shopping and Facebook/Instagram. If you are getting traffic right now, it may not be the right traffic. Not all traffic is created equal.  Hope this review was what you were looking for. If you found it helpful, please click "like" below to let me know.

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Thank you! I have begun implementing your suggestions.


Any idea how I can go about moving the navigation from the left? This most likely takes editing some serious code and without step by step instructions I am unable to do so. I am hoping this change is possible on the POP theme as I would prefer not to have to change themes?! 

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Hi, @Curlypreneur!


I think removing the countdown timer and pop-up was a good move. I find those tactics are pushy and don't result in a good experience.


Landing on your homepage there are a few things I noticed right away:


1. In mobile (which is what the majority of visitors will be on) the logo is so small I can't see it or read what it says. Also, the pink is nice but it would be good if the logo wasn't square and the background of the site and logo matched. You should be able to put your logo on almost any background colour and it without having to make it pink. This page explains how to remove the background from a logo.


2. The text here is also quite hard to read. If a visitor has to take extra time to try and read something they probably won't. This blog post gives helpful tips for making text readable and is good practice for all websites. I have 20/20 eyesight and find the text in your header harder to read than it should be.


3. Two lines of text in your header like this is a bit bulky and doesn't look elegant. Consider editing it to simply 'Use code HAPPYSPRING for 20% off all swaddles'. This more effectively communicates the sale while creating a less cluttered homepage.


4. This image of mother and child is nice, however to me it's not communicating what it is you're selling. I would assume that the website has something to do with mothering advice or some type of cultural commentary rather than an online store. The fact that you're trying to sell blankets is not reflected in this image. Try to find an image that better features the product so it's more clear what you're selling. 


Have you noticed any trends about where your customers are coming from?

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The easiest solution would be to pick a new theme that has a top navigation. This is an important part of your store and how people move around the site. I can not comment on moving it around with code as our agency's back is running paid ads on Google, Facebook / Instagram...ect and looking at data in Google Analytics.

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Hi Curly,


love your store, I agree with the recommendations above, but also think that your theme looks great very clean and professional, I think your story sounds appealing, the colors and graphics gives a good happy and comfort feeling, pricing seems ok, your store should be selling.


Notice that on mobile, the currency selector is covering the "20% off entire..." title, add something like this to your css to fix it:

@media (max-width: 600px) {
span.BOLD-mc-picker-mnt.injected {
top: 68px !important;
right: 0;


You mention that you have a lot of traffic, but few sales, It seems mostly related to that your visitors are not your buyers, however, if it's thousands of people a day, I wonder why are they visiting your store? so to better understand please update - how many people visit a day, how many of them add products to cart and how many purchased? It looks like your Facebook pixel is implemented properly in your website and measures visitors, add-to-cart, purchases... you can check that info and learn more about your traffic at:


I'd recommend finding the right people who are most likely interested in buying, one of the best ways to do it is with Facebook Dynamic Ads and advance targeting, make sure your ads investment leads to getting value, and till then, learning who is your most likely to purchase audience by capturing the people who visited your store, added to cart and purchased, try our new Smart Ads app to help you get there fast from your first audience targeting to full optimization:


All the best!



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Hey @Curlypreneur 

Welcome to Shopify and congratulations on your store page. I understand it's frustrating if thee sales are low in your store and you're not able to identify the reason. Here are some pointers you could look at for boosting your sales- 

  1. Apart from ads on different platforms, you can also use an organic approach to market your store - tell people about it. This could be in the form of blog posts, social media posts, getting some testimonials out or post in communities/forums where young parents are active. That'll get you more relevant traffic to your store. You could also consider co-marketing with another store that sells similar products. 
  2. Use a chat option in the store to engage with your shoppers immediately - that'll give you an idea about what their concerns are when shopping on your store.
  3. you can add an exit intent pop up. Right before the shopper is about to leave your store, you can trigger a dialog box that offers them an additional discount (or any other offer). It can tip them over to purchase the product immediately.

  4. you can look at adding some social proofing and urgency to the store by adding labels to your products. If you have a variety of labels you can help in nudging the shopper to make faster decisions while browsing. Shopify has some apps you can check for this purpose.

Do let me know if this is useful for you.
Hope to hear from you soon! Till then, good luck, and do stay safe!
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