Any comments about my site would be most appreciated

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Spent a couple thou on Facebook and Google advertising in last 4-6 weeks. Got two sales. Any insights youall might have would be welcome.

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Hey nice job on your store. Honestly it's quite good, I like it a lot. There are a few tiny things I would change.

After carefully reviewing I don't see a blog. If you had a blog you would be able to drive more organic traffic to your store, plus it would help establish yourself as an expert.

Another thing you might want to add is a contact form. If you have a contact form it will help add trust to your store, and the more trust you can build with your customers, the more likely they will be to buy from you.

Another thing you might want to add is a way to collect emails. Adding an email list to your store can help you more easily get in touch with your customers. Oftentimes a customer isn't ready to buy at the moment, but they may give you their email, and it would be nice if you could more easily contact them.

One thing to consider is adding an always visible buy button. One of the biggest reasons people don't buy from online stores is because it's a hassle to checkout. We want to be able to reduce all friction that could potentially cause a customer not to buy. I recommend adding to your site. It's an app that will make your buy button always visible. If they buy button isn't always visible on your site, your customer will have a hard time trying to buy from you. And even if they still are able to checkout, it can go a long way in helping them have a positive experience on your site.

Also I noticed that you don't have a favicon. A favicon is a simple thing you can add to your site to help enhance your brand

I wasn't able to find a sense of urgency. By using urgency, you can make your visitors feel like they are missing out unless they order immediately. The 'Fear of Missing Out' that they experience, will increase your ability to convert them into buyers. One app that can help you with that is . It really can make a big difference in getting your customers to buy from you

Nice job on your all of your hard work so far, and I'm sure that just a few minor changes will really help.

By the way, I created an email course at (I'm not selling anything) that might help you optimize your store.

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Hey, Bob. 

This is Dallas from the Social Care Team. I took a look at your site and to be honest, it is looking pretty good. 

The homepage really sells the website and the product that you are trying to sell. The text is easy to read, and the colors have a good contrast which will help make your site easy to read for those who are more visually impaired. 

The logo, however, is a tad small. Since there are words on the logo I recommend you make it a bit bigger so that the image can be seen and the text can be read.

On the FAQ page, the section titles are readable, however, I recommend making them a bit bigger so they capture the eye a bit more. If you go to the pages section you can select the titles and make them a header size. 


On the wholesale page I also suggest that you center the email. If you are able to make it a bit bigger that would be good too. As long as it isn't Header 1 (which would mess with the SEO), any size that is a bit larger would be good. If you don't want to increase the size you are also able to just make it bold. 


I was taking a look at your Blog and I see that one of the blog posts was a review page. I suggest you put in an actual review/testimonial section on your site. A really good app for this is called Stamped.

This way it will show your future customers what your previous customers thought. Since you, as a store owner, are trying to build trust with your customers this will really help to verify your store, legitimize your store and make it more trustworthy. 


Now for the things that may not be so obvious. 

Something that you are going to want to look at is your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When I typed "Purrified Air" into my google bar I didn't see it on the first or even the second page. I know that most people hardly make it 1/2 way down a google page never mind to the second page. I mean as they say, "If you want to hide something.. put it on the second page of Google." So with that in mind, how can we work to rank you higher in search engine results? 

Well first off, we can get your SEO to be more optimized. Moz has a really wonderful SEO course, but even before we work on that let's get some meta-descriptions. On your product page, you will see a section at the very bottom of the page where you are able to put in a bit of text. That text is to be used to describe the page/product. You want to make a paragraph like this for every product/page you have. This will make it easier for your customers to quickly find the page that they are looking for and it will make it easier for the search engine to read. 

Here are some notes moving forward. Changing your SEO will NOT have instantaneous results. As of March 2013, Google had over 30 Trillion (30,000,000,000,000) unique web pages registered! It has only gone up from there.  They take time to Crawl and Index. Safe to say, give it a week or two before you expect to start seeing some results.

Moz provides an excellent Beginners Guide to SEO. To gain more SEO data, I strongly recommend going through this as it is so helpful! 

Another helpful link is this guy: Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet.


Another thing you can do is make a super cute hashtag for your company. 
That way, when your customers go to post on their social media they will use your hashtag and help you to make a community for your customers. #purrifiedair is fine but something like #FineSmellingFelines is even better! It is snappy, catchy and is giggle-worthy. 

Then to get them using it maybe say something like: "Use this hashtag and post your pets to get featured on our Facebook page." That is a brilliant option because, first of all, people love animals and, second of all, owners love sharing their animals. 
To get the word out about your products to other people you'll want to start things like Email marketing & Facebook ads.

The links that I have shared should really help you to get those two up and running. For your Facebook ads though, just make sure that you target properly! Age, gender, interest & location. Location is what is usually overlooked, but if you add that in it will really help.

I gave a fair bit of information here, but I really hope that that helps. If you have any other questions, however, please do let me know. 


Dallas | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Bob,

Very nice looking website and I like the fact you're concetrating on a specific niche, that's the right way to do it.

As for the website, I think the most crucial adjustment you must make is to add a 'Buy Now' Button on your home page where the product specifications presented. You eventually want people to buy, but you don't give them any way to do it. Most visitors won't make the effort of browsing your website and looking for the product page in order to buy it. Give them a way to do it instantly.

However, I don't believe that the issues of not getting sales are related solely to the website. 

It might be that you're not advertising enough or not doing that correctly. I think generating relevant traffic is the number ONE problem of every new Ecommerce store.

You might want to try AdScale to help you with your advertising campaigns. It's a Shopify app that automatically creates and manage advertising campaigns for your store, using advanced AI technology.

What's unique about this app is that it use insights from milions of active campaigns in order to create a very accurate audience targeting that is tailored to your store and products.

You can learn more about it in this link:

Hope it helps!



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