Any feedback on my store would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey everyone! So I am selling gaming accessories and here is my store  I would really appreciate any feedback to fully optimize my store and increase conversion rates! Thank you!

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I see your store So, the store is good to see.
Images of your items seem to be very Nice. You may add a videos to each product to instruct your customers how to use it.

And you have to add About us page it helps for customers to know the your store/company.

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Hi, Francis!

Anders from the Social Care Support team here. Thanks for reaching out today!

In regards to the post above, writing a solid 'About Us' page can achieve a number of things with a minimal amount of work. Not only does it provide a tone to your brand's voice, it also helps with building customer trust as they have a story to associate with your brand. Another quick thing to add to your website would be a logo in the header section. Right now, you have a nice large image on the homepage (which looks great!) however, once a customer scrolls to another page, only the title of your store is left in generic font: 

You can update the logo in this section by heading to 'Online Store > Themes > Customize > Header'.

Now, in terms of your store's conversions. A great place to view your conversation rate (CR) is in your Shopify analytics tab. If your website gains about 1000 visitors of traffic per month, what I suggest doing is heading to the analytics tab, set the filter date rage to 30 days, and review the following sections: Online store conversion rate, Sales by traffic source and Top landing pages by sessions. These will give you a good indication of how your customers are finding your store, what pages they stay on (or don't stay on) the most and what traffic sources are leading to sales. By reading through the numbers, this should give you a good indication of where your store's strengths and weakness are. We also have a great article which covers some actionable strategies you can try for your business:

But otherwise, you have a great store already! What I suggest you continue to do is write up blog posts (your last one about you actually using one of your products is a nice touch!) and continue writing content for your site like your product descriptions. All of these small things will add up and increase your SEO organically, which will lead to more traffic, and eventually, more sales! 

If you have any questions on the above information, please do let me know. Take care, now!

Anders3 | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hey Francis, I took a look at your store and here are few points from me.

You should get a favicon. It is an icon for the web browser tabs. It's kind of a standard for any commercial site. Without it, you might come off as untrustworthy.

Your logo is very small. The text is absolutely unreadable. I would recommend removing the text from the logo and keep just the icon there. That way you could easily make it bigger and it would not take up so much space.

Why do you use both zotabox and icons on the bottom of your page? I would stick to just one. I would recommend the icons. I personally don't like elements that move with scrolling. Also, they advertise through the addon and their added icon will attract more attention than yours because people will want to see what is the one that appears on hower. And that will take the visitors attention away from your site. 

If you want to make the icons open in new tabs here is how.

You should make a page with info about shipping. Where do you ship? How long will it take and how much does it cost.

If you want to increase conversions you should use retargeting ads. People often don't make a purchase on the first visit. They need more time to think and research. Retargeting will help you reach out to those people and bring them back to finish the sale. You can check out ROI Hunter Easy for that.

Hope it helps.