Any help Would be appreciated

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Hello, I have been running my website for about a month now. with no sales, I am not sure what exactly I am not doing correctly. I have a retareting app, uing my ads that get people to the site but no checkout....etc. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Hi Rez,

A nice store, but here are a few things I spotted:

  • Certainly on Chrome there's a notification that immediately appears asking if I want to allow or block notifications. It might be that you've got one or more apps causing this, but generally it's not a great start for visitors in terms of building their trust. Generally try to keep apps to a minimum (it also reduces your page load times).
  • You don't need 'Home' as an option in the nav as users know simply to click the logo to get back home, but you should have an 'About us'.
  • Reviews - Try to get service rather than product reviews and promote these as a section within your store - again, to build trust.
  • Contact - Some welcoming words would help, and also ideally an email address which is from the domain, rather than gmail.

The key to improving conversion rates is to be constantly tweaking and also try to regularly look at your site with a critical eye. All the best with your future growth.


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Hi Rez, 

I would look sort your header images, they look out of resolution, unless you are intentially showing people heads. 

Generally ont he store, It lacks any sort of branding, go check out all the top online retailers, doesnt matter what they are selling, you feel you really involved and part of their brand. 



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Hey, Concerining the headers :( We were trying to figure out how to get the images smaller as it shows perfect when using mobile.  When it comes to branding what do you suggest?


Also, I have managed to add a FAQ page and also change the "Contact us" info to the other email recommended. I will definitely get a pop up welcome box possibly with an offer when they suscribe?

I will also change Home to possibly "Whats New"


Let me know what else is there that could use some fixing. I appreciate all posts and recommendations. Thanks for responding so quickly