Any wrong formats on my store?

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Please help me check if all is in order in my store -


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Hey @takeafewshop 


I've gone through your store and I noticed a couple of changes that need to be done to the visual side of the page. I would suggest a complete change to the category list as it is very clustered at the top and it looks off. the categories can be clubbed into a drop-down menu and it would make for a very clean look. I noticed you have a lot of banners on the page, its fine to keep them but would suggest keeping them in the same sizes. The CTA buttons used on the page is in a very dark color and its not readable at all, would suggest changing that to some other color, its meant to be clicked, so need to make it look that way. and also try using product labels on your product images, it can increase sales and drive customers to buy, ill leave a link to an app that can help you with that.


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wow - thank you so much
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Hi, @takeafewshop


Welcome to Shopify! Let’s see what we can do to boost sales.

First impression: There’s a lot going on in your main navigation. I counted 22 collections or pages linked within your main navigation. That is just way too many. I would suggest refining that significantly.


Also, I feel like this is two websites. One is for vendors but one is for customers. Focusing on both isn’t working out here. Instead, why not focus an entire page or set of pages for your vendors while dedicating the majority of this site to your customers? 


Homepage: It’s pretty busy. Do you use heatmaps to see where people click and scroll on your page? I would highly suggest running a heatmap to see where people are clicking.

  • Hero images: Stick to one rather than the rotating carousel. It’s going by so fast that if I think I may be interested, it’s gone. While there’s an option to pause it or go between images, in my experience I’ve found it better to focus on one static image with a CTA that really stands out. Right now the gray blends in and doesn’t encourage a click.
  • Above the fold: Use your heatmap to see how far down the page people scroll. The reason I mention is the “Your One Stop Shop” feature is taking up prime real estate on the home page above the fold. It feels more like keyword loading rather than selling. Again, separate the vendors from the customers to drive sales. This wall of text isn’t going to help your customers want to buy from you. Similarly, your newsletter form doesn’t tell me enough to want to click on it, and it’s way too high on the page. First time visitors aren’t even sure what you sell yet! 
  • Overall, your homepage needs a face lift. There are things on here that aren’t driving sales, like the Our Great Team information. Run a click heatmap to see where people click to be sure.


Think like a customer for a moment. You have three (unlinked) email addresses in your footer - where does someone go to contact you if they have a question about a product? Or if they need to know information before making a purchase? 


Your footer is missing some important CUSTOMER information, like your Contact page (which is only in your main navigation). 


In general, make sure all of your information makes sense. When I looked at your Shipping policy page, it was so hard to read due to formatting errors. Your Refund policy was better, though it also had unlinked email addresses. 

Examine your traffic. You may find that you’re going to be building a more international customer base. In that case, make sure you include international shipping information, including costs. 


Also - don’t forget to open your social media links in a new tab rather than the same tab as it is currently. 


Navigation/Product Pages
As I’ve already mentioned, make sure to re-organize your main navigation. It’s so huge! Click heatmaps can help you identify which collections do better than others. 


For your collection pages, you need to add more filters. For example, in the Men’s Clothing collection, your filter included four options: All products, Brands, clothing, mens. Instead, add filters like price, material, type of clothing, availability, etc. If you aren’t sure how people use your website, watch a session recording to find out more. 

Also, make sure you have a currency localization app on your store so that people who aren’t in South Africa can buy your clothes as well. 


On the product pages, I found a few issues. 


There were some issues with pricing (like the Men’s Leg Zipper & Double Pocket Sports Pants) that show R 0.00. I found that it’s missing some information:

  • Shipping costs (don’t leave it to checkout)
  • Sizing chart
  • Reviews


Due to the color choices of your buttons, “Add to cart” is especially easy to miss. I get that you want the Buy It Now button to stand out, but I would change them from gray to pink or something that would stand out more. 


You have to include multiple ways for customers to reach out. Because you’ve combined vendors and customers, it’s unclear how customers can reach out. In the contact form, there are so many fields here that aren’t necessary for customers, like

  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Your company
  • Subject (yes, even the subject)


You need to keep it short and sweet - Name, Email Address and Message. There’s it. The more fields you add, the more likely it is that customers will walk away before converting or sending you a message.


You must use live chat. There’s no way around it. If people have questions, they need it answered while they are still on your site. You can set up auto invites to trigger when certain criteria is met. You can set it up for your customers and your vendors. 


For your customers, maybe you ask them to chat if they don’t checkout within 2 minutes of adding a product to their cart. For your vendors, maybe you ask them to chat if they spend more than 30 seconds on your vendor pages. 


Visitor behavior is really going to be your key to growing your website. It’s going to show you what people are doing rather than making you guess. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


Cheers -


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