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I need help with my store? feedback?

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Hi there,


It seems like your store isn't quite finished yet. Here are my observations:

  • The belt icon in your logo is too small for it to be easily understood. I'd try to reincorporate it some other way.
  • I would use that black stripe at the top to announce free shipping or incentivize your customers to buy from you. It's likely one of the very first thing a prospective customer will see, and if they are entirely unfamiliar with your website, that tagline may not be enough to make them continue browsing.
  • Your top image is a little confusing. It looks like you're selling belts or other functional apparel for taekwondo. Obviously, as I scroll down and click around I see that is not the case. 
  • While the images are consistent, it seems like there are some issues with the quality, particularly with the red shirt. It looks like what happens when you digitally change the color of an image as it's a little blurry and two-dimensional. 
  • Your profile picture along with "Image with text" and the paragraph right below it doesn't make any sense. First, if you wanted to use that section as an "About," I would move that to another page as most people simply skim over that. Of course, your other text is just sample text which doesn't look great for anyone browsing your website.
  • I don't really understand the "Belt Achievements" part, especially if you're not selling belts.
  • "Talk about your business" section is just sample text. Make sure to customize it or get rid of it.
  • The privacy policy, return policy, and ToS are a little bit of an eye sore. Readability is very important, especially for those with eyesight problems. Make sure to customize your policies as well, because right now you're saying you don't accept returns for perishable, intimate, and sanitary goods, none of which are things you currently sell.
  • The "About" page isn't bad and I'm glad that you have included some more personalized information. However, it would benefit from some better formatting and more pictures! There are lots of great ways to market family businesses.
  • There's a lot of negative space between the "Buy it now" button and the product description. I would also remove that button because it might reduce your ability to upsell.
  • I would personally not include the "Size guide" for every product. Try to just include a link to it.
  • "Back to T-Shirts" instead of "Back to T-Shirt."
  • Men's Apparel and Women's Apparel are the exact same. Are you going to be focusing exclusively on menswear?

Hope this helps!

Marketing Specialist @ ShipMonk