Appreciate any feedback given on my lamps and lighting store!

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Hey, Michael here and I bring to you my Lamps and lighting store:

We have been up for a couple months now and made noticeable progress with a some sales. I just realised I never asked for any feedback on my store so thats what im doing now.

If anyone can be awesome enough to give us some feedback on the store so we can optimize our sales, that would be awesome! Tips are welcome as well. I have a question as well for this sort of niche, what would be the most effective way to market these products?

thank you in advance for your response! :)

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Hi Michael,

First of all, welcome to the shopify world :)

I checked up your store from my mobile, it seems awesome, the design and the colors are wonderful.

Just something to improve, as a SEO expert i know how important the page speed is, and when i visited one of the most important pages in any ecommerce website, inthis case it is the product page, it seems it is a little bit slow to load, and this is due to several apps you installed and which slow your product page, so what is the solution?

For instance, instead of placing the security badge app, try to put in just an image,.

Also, the section (here are 5 reasons to buy from us) it is better to place in the website footer, because it is considered as a duplicate content on your product page.

Suggestion : try to add (relatedproducts) in the bottom, this will help visitors seeing others products on your store, and this way you will increase your inbound links and your (time duration session/visitor + number of sessions / visitor)

Otherwise, your website is so cool, good luck.

If you have any question, we are here to assist.



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Hey Michael! Here is a few things I noticed about your store. I'll start with the things I like first.

  • I really like the simplicy of the store. It's not all in your face. It's pretty straighforward and easy on the eyes. The simple bright theme is always good and will keep users enganged longer.
  • I really like the orange banner that pops up for discounts and how it's designed. It grabs your attentiion and makes you want to put in your email. Great choice on putting that on top of your site as most people read top to bottom.
  • I really like the country currency selector to the right of the header. I've seen many shops and most of them actually don't have this. 
  • There other things I like too but I don't want to make this post too long for you!

Now for the things I feel your store can improve on.

  • The icons on the home navigation seem a little choppy. The icons themselves are great but the quality(At least on my computer iMac) is blurred. Perhaps grabbing some higher resolution images would fix this. 
  • On this page I'd make the rating starts an orange/yellow color as it goes well with your dark blue. The blue rating color with the blue title color is a bit distracting and hard to distinquish between the two.
  • I didn't see the ability to make an apple pay purchase. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if you decided to only go with google pay but I'd add apple pay as well. It has a high conversion rate.
  • The colors on the home page are nice but as you scroll down it gets a bit too colorful. For example, red at the bottom. I'd keep the colors consistent. Pick your main two colors and use those. In certain cases, where it makes sense, add some different colors.

I hope this feedback is something along the lines of what you were looking for! One thing you may consider is having a fully native mobile app for iPhone & Android for your site. It has a lot of benefits and can help your business grow. I recently made a mobile app builder that's really easy to use and is the first one to meet Shopifys mobile app builder guidelines! 

Check it out here if you'd like

Good luck with your store and let me know if I can help in any other way!