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I own a beauty business selling lip glosses and nail polishes.  I would appreciate feedback as to how my website looks, do my pictures look good, what changes should be made, are you able to navigate to different areas of my site without any issues, etc. My website is



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Hi @Nicnac1,


Thank you for sharing your store with us today. First of all, I'd like to say you've done a great job—the site is easy to navigate, I love your logo and the overall design of the site, and clearly a lot of work has gone into establishing a strong brand presence and communicating that to potential customers. I'm very impressed!


As such, the feedback I have for you will be somewhat nit-picky as there's nothing obvious you have missed or have done wrong. I've taken a browse through your site and have a few small recommendations that I can make.


I really like the Shipping and FAQs pages you have created, and there's a lot of helpful information in both pages that will provide customers with answers to potential questions they may have, and this alone can help convert an abandoned cart to a completed checkout. I would recommend considering what other information you could add here—one thing I noticed was no information on international shipping costs, or if you even sell outside of the US (presuming that that is where you are based). You'll want to communicate to potential customers ahead of time if you do sell abroad, and if so, what sort of shipping prices you offer. I'd suggest checking out our blog post on this topic to ensure your FAQs page is as good as it can be!


I also noticed on your Shipping page that free shipping is available to all orders over $25, although this is in contradiction with the message in your announcement bar, which indicates that this is the offer for all orders and not just those with a minimum spend:




It's a small thing, but clear messaging is vital in ensuring customers do not become confused.


Your contact page, similarly, is very good, and it's great to see you offering multiple methods through which customers can contact you. However, you could perhaps add a bit more personality on this page—adding in something like "Have a question about your order, or just want to know more about our products? You can contact Satrell at..." would go some way to doing this. Again, I'm nitpicking here, but the devil is in the detail.


In terms of your images, I have no constructive criticisms to offer—the logo is superb, your product images are consistent and of high quality, and they clearly show the product. Great job with these.


I hope my recommendations are of some help, and once more, I love the work you've done on the site and you should be proud of how it looks and is laid out. If you've any further questions for me, please don't hesitate to ask.


Kind regards,


Victor | Shopify Social Care

Victor | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Victor,


Thanks so much for your feedback.  It is very helpful.  It's good to get feedback from family and friends, but I like the fact that I can also get a viewpoint from an outside source.  I will make note of the changes you suggested.  Thanks again!

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Hey Satrell Beauty,

"The first impression is probably the last one".Hence,pay attention to the below-mentioned tips to make your store perform well:

  • "Product photographs should be taken from different angles as they are the ambassadors sharing the promise of your products online"
  • Site legitimacy can be increased by adding "Trust Badges" near the site footer.
  • Use words like "Hurry" or "Last chance" in the header template to put stress on the urgency to buy a product.
  • "Branding" can be most effective once you start adding other social links to the site footer apart from Facebook and Instagram like Twitter, Linked In and many more.
  • Only a "single newsletter" is desirable in the site footer ie remove the other one from above the "Instagram Gallery".
  • You can also install one of the most popular app Growwave which is all in one marketing platform that helps store owners increase conversions with ease.
  • Filters are very important for customers in order to identify the correct product from the huge catalog. So, you should look for advanced filter options for your store.
  • Finally, I would also recommend replacing the default search with an advanced search like Sparq which allows synonyms, advanced custom tag filters, spelling correction, and other such features. Visitors with search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.
    Check out the features live here
    You can use Sparq free trial for as many products in your store. After the trial period, you can enjoy with Sparq’s Free Starter Plan for upto 1000* products.

Best of luck for the coming days! May there be showers of success.

Neha :) 

Sparq is a fast and beautiful product filter and search solution for Shopify store owners. It allows store owners to add a custom tag, metadata, or variant based filters on their collection page and upgrade their default search to an extremely fast, more user-friendly and feature-rich search.

Dear Nicnac1,


Congratulation for your store.


We’ve gone through your store and found that there are quite a few things missing on your store which if added can really make a lot of difference to the user experience, conversion rate and your overall sales.


1. You need to High hight your UVP ( Unique Value Proposition )
2. Header and Footer Area need to Improve
3. Overall Font, Color, Spacing, Alignment need to adjust
4. Trust badges should be on the home page like 100% Authentic products, Easy return, etc

5. Login icon must be there for buyer account creation before purchasing as well as use sticky header and smart search option.  Example of Good Header

6. Optimize your store as per SEO

7. Collection page should have a creative banner to enhance the visual appeal of your store, product reviews of all the products in your store, infinite scrolling to increase page views. announcement bars for highlighting promotions, events, deals and product labels like % off, ‘New Arrival’, ‘Sold Out’, etc.  Example of Good Collection Page 

8. Add Banner with CTA in Slider at Homepage

9. Add interactive and user-friendly features like custom swatches, product zoom in, product reviews, unique product titles/descriptions, cart drawer and a sticky cart with a sticky add to cart and buy now button etc, at product page. Example of Ideal Product Page

10.  Highlight newsletter in a section 

11. Discounts and limited-time offers will help to increase sales.

12. Index your all products in Google

13. Product page layout needs to improve

14. Remove Powered by Shopify


If you need any help please contact here:

Best Regards
MS Web Designer| MS Web International | Task4Store
Contact Us: OR
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Thank you!  I'll make note of your suggestions.  How do you get rid of the Powered by Shopify?  


at footer.liquid you can find it.

Best Regards
MS Web Designer| MS Web International | Task4Store
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