Appreciate some feedback on my store

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I would like to get some feedback on my store. Running trough many people's feedback request for a while and taking notes what to do and what not to. I have a single product page, which I tried to connect all the information in on 1 main (home) page. Obviously I have a product page and etc. So, I'm running ads for less than a day and would like to know what to change/add/remove on my website. I would appreciate your feedback on my store very much!


Website -


Thank you!


Your site looks clean and professional. Well done!


Love the video! And your product images are excellent.


You may need to proofread your copy though.


I'm assuming the "Talk about your business" section on the footer is supposed to be your About information. Don't forget to update that. That's your opportunity to share your brand's story and connect with your customers.


I would suggest adding an email address, if not a phone number, on the Contact page. It will add an additional level of trust to your store.

On the product page, is it possible to arrange the features in a grid? Right now it takes a whole lot of scrolling down to see all the features.


Good luck!


PS I've bookmarked your site. I love the loop recording feature, the price is reasonable, so I might purchase in the future.

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Hi there,


That's great that you're taking notes and willing to change what you need! I had a good first impression of your website's design. Here are my tweaks and observations:

  • Okay, so you only have one product. That's good. A single-page, one-product approach can be done and be done well. The trick is to eliminate what doesn't need to be there. For me, it's the slideshow at the bottom. It takes up most of my laptop's screen (I'm on a 13 inch MacBook Air) and doesn't add to any of the information you have on the home page. 
  • Logo is good and looks like it was made as a vector.
  • There are different ways you can format the page. First, the video at the end might not be necessary if you already have a button that leads to it. "Norbit does all the work for you!" might not be necessary as well. I felt slightly overwhelmed reading through all the information you have on the front page.
  • You don't need the "Search" link at the bottom because you have a search feature at the top.
  • You didn't fill out "Talk About Your Business." You don't really need that if you don't want to. I would remove it or move it to the far left (personal preference). Or, since I see you have a Facebook logo, use that space to link to your social media if you're active on there (would be a good idea).
  • You don't need "Order Lookup" at the top because there's a link for it at the bottom.
  • Idea: why not put "Buy" on the top navigation menu? It substitutes the typical "Products" link and encourages customer to buy right away, especially because you have nothing you can uspsell with.
  • Remember to customize your return policy. You don't sell flowers or food so no need to include it on there.
  • Nitpicking, but the S in service is capitalized but when you click on the page it's not.
  • You should add a little more to the shipping policy. It's going to take customers about a month to get their orders. That's not great when they can probably buy something similar on Amazon. I see you're offering free shipping and a discount (good), but this article by Oberlo might help add more insight to your shipping situation, assuming you're drop shipping: 10 Shipping Tips to Make Your Life Easier (And Customers Happier).

Best of luck!

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