Appreciate your Feedback on a new store

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Helloo everyone.. my website is I've just launched two days ago and did my level best to design and add products in a structured way. yet I would need your comments and feedback on areas for improvements. appreciate your help. 

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Awesome work on the store up until now. It looks extremely well and shows you've put a considerable measure of work into it.
While in this I suggest you few points on your store. You can use light colours in header section especially promotional bar, Then its looks great!!
And you can use open new tab links in the footer section of the pages, Then your visitors are stay more time on your website. You have the social media icons in footer section of your store Facebook link/page is not available, check it.

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Hey Ihab, I took a look at your site and here is what I think.

You have too many distracting things on your site. When I scroll the page down there are many things that move with the page. I almost can't see what is on the page because of them. I definitely can't focus on them. If I would be a customer I would leave. You should reduce the number of the moving things. From the top you need only the menu moving, the promotion bars can stay at the top. You don't need to buttons on the right. You have the cart and home button in the menu and to the top button is not something you would need. The review us on Facebook is very distracting and covers a large part of your site, you should definitely remove that. 

You should add a page with info about shipping to your Information part in the footer menu.

Other than that I actually think that the site is good. But the moving parts lower the impression for me a lot. 

You have a lot of products to offer. People have a hard time to decide what to buy if you give them a lot of choices. So you should count on that they will leave the site without purchase often. But that does not mean they are not interested. You should run retargeting ads that will help you bring them back once they are ready to purchase. You can check out ROI Hunter Easy app for that.

If you'll need further feedback after you change things you can check out this FB group.

Hope it helps.


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Your store looks great. I like your store design and products. In addition to above suggestions below are my tips.

1. Please provide your contact details - your address phone no etc.

2. Add customer reviews for your products.



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Hey, Ihab!

I'm Alex, with the Shopify team!

There's some great tips here so far, and your store is looking great! I'd agree with some of the other comments here - it's fantastic that you've got a contact form set up, but other means of getting in touch with you for customers that might have questions or concerns would go a long ways towards encouraging customer trust. I'd suggest a page linked in your footer with more info on how to reach out to you; an email address and, if you'd like to share such information, a physical address and phone number, as well as an indication of how quickly customers can expect to hear back from you. There's a great article right over here on encouraging customer trust!

The other thing that popped out at me is your social medial links - it's awesome that you're thinking about a social media strategy right away, but I'd noticed that many of those channels haven't been populated with content yet. Perfectly understandable if you're just starting out, but this can give pause to a customer coming across them - particularly given your buttons to the left hand side: 

I'd suggest focusing on getting some content into those feeds so that they don't look quite so sparse to visitors. When you're getting started, it's a good idea to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to your social media; one or two channels that have a good amount of content and are updated regularly are way better for your brand than four or five that have little to no content. If you'd be interested, we have a great guide on social media strategy!

Finally, I'd also noticed that the link to your Facebook page appears to have an issue; that takes me to a page that indicates the content is not available. I'd definitely suggest checking the link that you have entered there, and if it's correct, reaching out to Facebook for help in resolving the issue. 

Hope that's helped! Please feel free to let me know, and you can always give us a call or start a live chat at any time. We're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


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Hi Ihab,

Some great points made so far. I'll just add a quick one regarding SEO, which is vital to attracting traffic. It will help if your page titles (i.e. the words you see in the browser's tab) are more descriptive. For example, this page's title ( doesn't mention that they're T-shirts, which of course will help people to find your products.

Whether it's fashion or furniture, having these keywords in the title tab will certainly help.

All the best for your new store,