Are my numbers good or bad? Need advice/guidance from you experienced bunch!

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Hi guys,

could do with some feedback from some of you seasoned shopify pros.

currently on my website site I have 1000 sessions, and 3 sales. 

my shopify store:

apparently my traffic is in the top 14% of stores that were created in same week as mine.

Just feel like my conversion rate should be a bit higher?

currently been running Facebook ads for nearly a week.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Hey there, @JDWeekesy!  

First of all, welcome to Shopify! You’ve created a great store with a fun niche. 

To answer your question, the average e-commerce conversion rate across all industries is 2.86%. However, with 3 sales in 1,000 visits, you’re still considerably below that. In my experience, comparing your sales figures to those of other stores created in the same week is really a vanity metric. Yes, seeing that you are in the top 14% makes you feel good, but it doesn’t mean much when you only have 3 sales. 

The good news is that you’re ahead of the game. I see that you have Lucky Orange installed. As one of the co-founders of Lucky Orange, I know firsthand the benefits of using visitor behavior to drive your sales. 

So let’s dive in.

First thing - your Facebook ads. A few of them don’t appear to have a CTA, but that may be how the Facebook Ad Library is displaying it. This is one that appears to not have any CTA.   

Use a heatmap to see where people are clicking, and segment it by source. If you use UTM parameters, which I don’t believe you are, you could narrow it down by campaign to see differences as well.

For Facebook ads, you’re missing an opportunity in general. Instead of linking it to your homepage, I would like it to your product page instead. 

Next,  I have to bring up an elephant in the room - your pop-up. My hunch is that it’s scaring away your visitors.


  1. The text is hard to read. You may want to consider an overlay on the graphic to make the font stand out in a different color.
  2. Update the copy. There’s no value here. If someone doesn’t even know if they want to buy your product, why would they want to get your texts?
  3. Fix the mistake. “Get the latest tips and tricks for the fashion industry first.” You aren’t the fashion industry, are you?
  4. Move from text messaging to emails. While I like that you’re changing it up, you’re going to struggle enough to get someone’s email address. It’s even harder to get their phone number.
  5. Check the settings for triggering. It’s pretty aggressive.  

Now, here are some easy fixes: 

  • Add a favicon - it’ll add authority to your website
  • Move currency localization to the top of the page rather than at the bottom. It’s easy to miss. 
  • Update your announcement bar. Great job on linking it, but add some value to it. Promote that free shipping and premium case upgrade rather than your brand. If you look at a heatmap, I bet there is little engagement here. However, if you update it and evaluate it in a week or so, you may see more activity. Also, make sure it shows on all pages. 

Finally, let’s dive into your site. Here are a few quick things I found:

  • Chat: You have Lucky Orange chat, so why not use it? Use auto invites to target visitors when they are most frustrated. For example, I would suggest something like an auto invite that triggers after someone comes from Facebook and stays on a page for more than 30 seconds. Invite them to send you their questions.
  • Main Navigation: Replace About Us with Contact Us. 
  • Homepage: Use a heatmap to see where people click and session recordings to understand how they move around your store. Again, if you update your landing pages for those ads, you may find that there’s more interaction. 
  • Be careful of the graphics you use. On desktop, your graphics on the homepage of the “continuous scanning” and “flag pole lock mode” were impossible to read. 
  • Footer: Add a shipping page and contact us page. I would move the About Us page down here. Link your email address, and add value to your newsletter subscription. 

We have to talk about the bread and butter of your site - your product page.

  • Reiterate free shipping. Right now it’s buried at the bottom. 
  • Be careful with adding only the best reviews in there. I saw a few four stars, but I would try to import even more four stars. 
  • There’s something missing here - like an FAQ page or an instructional guide. Run a poll to see what’s stopping people from converting OR what intrigues them about this product. 
  • For the video, remove it from the photo gallery. The preview is a black box that doesn’t encourage engagement. 

It sounds like a lot, but you’re really on the right track here. I can’t wait to see how your business grows. When you use visitor behavior to evaluate your website through the eyes of your visitors, you can spot conversion hurdles and pain points quickly. 

I hope this helps! Good luck! If there’s anything I or my team can do to help you get more from Lucky Orange, let me know. 

Cheers - Danny

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Wow thanks @LuckyDanny, the feedback is really helpful. 
It’s hard to get a grasp of how I am doing without any guidance so really grateful for your response.

I’ll take this on board and implement your advice ASAP.

cheers - Jack.

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Hello @JDWeekesy, I hope you are doing well! Here are some ways to make your store even better and make people want to purchase:

- Add a separate page of shipping policy in the footer. 

- Being a single product store, add an engaging video of the product.

- Run ads and make sure to target the right audience.

- Add a newsletter signup popup with a discount code to entice customers to signup so you can target them later on with email campaigns.

- Make sure to enable automatic workflow emails and push.

- Run email and push campaigns.

- Add a sales motivator bar to encourage people to make a purchase.

- You can add a countdown timer bar to increase the curiosity among customers to make a purchase. 


Moreover, if you would like to implement the above customer engagement features/ marketing tools in your store I suggest you to install the 'All in one' Shopify app AiTrillion, a full-fledged marketing solution. It will help you to capture visitors coming to your store and will help in getting more conversions.

Hope this helps!

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