Asking for some feedback please - struggling store!

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Hi Everyone!


So, I opened my store just under a month ago, and has since had about 900 sessions (which is great I think since i have only just started my facebook and instagram!) really struggling to get conversions. 


The website is


I have recently changed theme, so i am in the process of changing images to be square (i have a few left to fix)...but other than that..Im really lost as to what is so wrong with my store.


Id really welcome some feedback please!


Thank you,


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Hello Aneesha, I'm confident this will be insightful.


First of all, I would like to point out that I only recently started out on Shopify as well. But I did learn some useful things before flunked out of design school...


1. White space is your friend


Simply put, your products are too close to each other. If have more white space in between your products your store will automatically look better.


2. Font calibration.


Ok here is the trick. Whenever you are designing something it is best to have a font for your titles and a different for your sub-titles, otherwise, your customer can get lost in all the noise.


I know you thought it was best to only use one font but that causes problems, here's why:


Usually, the rule to follow is to have a one the fonts (Titles) be a Serif font and the other (subtitles and/or text) be Sans-Serif. (Google the difference if you have to). In your case, I suggest using only 2 fonts.


Also, a white font can appear to be somewhat hard to see on pale images. My personal trick is to duplicate that font, changed the color of the original to black, then augment the size of the other by one or 1 or 2 points, then put them on top of each... As seen below. It makes it more legible.


Overall the most important thing you should do is to make your store look less packed, give more room to breathe.


I'm out time now, however, I can find you more stuff later if you want.


If I was helpful to you today, then let's keep a mutually beneficial relationship to grow both of our stores. Since I just opened my store, I also find myself lost in the process... I might have a few questions for you as well (not now, but maybe later) ... It that' ok with you.


I hope I was helpful.








Hi Aneesha 


If you could I'd try and have more images of people smiling wearing your products. Mostly on the home page. You want the visitor to have a good feeling on the website. 


I'd also work on getting more traffic to the site. 900 sessions is good but not really enough to telling the full story. You could download the Lucky Orange app this will show you what your visitors are doing on the website. 



Clayton Bates 

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Hi Aneesha,


Your store looks good but it needs some spaces and cleans up.


Also, I just think that your fonts are almost all bold.


Stores need some clear images as well. A white background image would look good.


Also, some images are blurry and are not in the same sizes. It would be perfect if they are aligned in the same sizes.


Use a much better primary image that will attract customers.


Another thing, please change your slider images.


I am a Shopify VA let me know if you need my help regarding your shopify set up.


PM me anytime :)

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Hey Aneesha, 

Great to hear you are getting lots of traffic coming through. You need to validate your website before you spend money on traffic (ads). You need to make your store ready for engagement. Make sure your store is ready to entice and convert new visitors. Because if you’re seeing a good amount of traffic but it’s not translating into sales, it may indicate there’s something about your site that’s not convincing customers to go through with a purchase.


One of the ways to convince your visitors is through communication. For further suggestions, I need to first understand how do you engage a visitor when they leave your store without making a purchase?

According to me, every visitor is an opportunity and every visitor forgone is an opportunity lost. So let's discuss further how to capitalize on "the opportunity".

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Thanks Alain! 

Very helpful, indeed - will look at implementing what I can!

I used to have too much white space, so I asked Shopify to make photos bigger, and now they are a bit too big and theres no space! have asked them to correct. Hopefully that will help that issue!

Happy to keep in touch!



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Hi Clayton, 


Thanks for this very helpful feedback! - I have a few photoshoot lined up, so hopefully will get some nice photos! In the meantime, ill see if i can get some more good quality photos of products being worn. 


I'll look into Lucky Orange too.





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Thanks so much for the feedback. 


Ill look in to the fonts and image quality. 


Are slider images the images used for the sections on the homepage?  What sort of photo would you recommend instead?





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At the moment, I dont have anything in place but I know I really should! Ive been more focused on trying to make the site look good etc. 

What would you recommend doing?




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Hey - thats really useful to hear!
I was considering it, but the app reviews were pretty bad.
Perhaps Ill give it a shot!