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Hi All 

We Need you, please have a look at our website and give us some feedbacks, ads are not giving us conversion and we want to see where to improve.

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I just looked through your website, and now I actually want one of those penguin cameras :) Anywho, here's my feedback!


1. Design

a. Personally, I'm not a fan of the landing page's design, the background color (blue & white) might distract viewers from your products.

b. The Call to action button (CTA) "shop now" is good, but a bit small. 

c. The text "ArtemidEYE" and the short description underneath it is in white, so they might blend in with the image. I suggest you change the background color or the font color to make them stand out.

d. The product images are not good enough, maybe create a slider to show other images of them in action (like attached to a wall, looking over a family, something like that)


2. Content

The little description "ArtemidEye was created..." is okay, but the slogan "little things make big difference" needs to stand out more. If you can't make it bigger or more attractive, at least put it all in the same line. 

I suggest that you put a few key benefits of your products on the front page, keep them short & to the point. E.g Safety for everyone or  Simple setup.


3. Checkout

This is in the case that you have high cart abandonment. I know you have free shipping, but with electronic products, traditional delivery might not do the trick. If you are based in US or Europe, Store Pickup might be something to look into, since 44% of cases are made for electronics. It basically allows customers to pick up their items at the store instead of waiting and paying for delivery.


I made this checklist a while back, detailing 7 signs that you need Store Pickup. Check it out!

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Hey @Artemideye ,


A really cool and clean website. I like how simple, yet classy your website is. Although I don't have much feedbacks, I can suggest a few tips

1. Homepage Main Banner: The header and sub-heading is positioned well. It is in a way blocking the view of the image, and the texts are not that visible enough. I would suggest to keep the text left aligned, and the image can be right aligned (attaching image of a similar example)
Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 5.49.07 PM.png


2. I would suggest you to have video testimonials over text. Video testimonials are far more engaging and convincing than a page full of text. They will help reduce your bounce rate by keeping visitors on your site for longer and increase the odds that new visitors will feel confident enough to make a purchase.

3. I felt that the product details page was too much text, and long as well. This I feel can also be one of the reasons customers bounce off. Have images in larger size to grab shoppers attention, keep the text short, and also have a neat structure to it. Also use personalised images, to boost more trust.

4. Adding product labels/stickers like Sale, Fast Selling, Free Shipping can help increase your sales by tapping into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof, and urgency. I did notice than you have free shipping worldwide, but this I feel would not be noticed easily, unless you use badges which will grab users attention. (attaching one of your product image with sticker as reference)
Hope my tips are of help to you.



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Hi Artemideye,


I absolutely love your website! I actually have just posted these inputs on somebody's thread but I thought it might also help you.


Here's some input which might help:


1. Product audit, measure where you currently are, measure what's working and what is not.

2. Competitive audit, look for competitions and mimic their best practices.

3. Know your audience. Find out how you can make these people not only browse but also buy.

4.Create contents which will help you get more audience. Blogs/video

5.Create a marketing plan.

6.Analyze how you are getting traffic, Google analytics is free.

7.Measure your results qualitative/quantitative

8.Test and polish. Implement changes.


I hope this helps, If it did I'd like to hear about it.



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