BRAND NEW - FIRST STORE. Do I need to pay for a theme?

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My site -


FYI - all the designs are temporary - I just put them up for ideas - and will actually have someone really designs the shirts... I made all of them on a weekend... just to get start getting my ideas out there..  Plus I will add about 20 more designs within the next week.


That being said - - I am pretty happy w the site - - but this is the free theme (pop) and I am trying to decide --- do I even need to pay for a theme?  I have 2 minor recurring charges (image zoom and social media login).   and about 10 other apps installed.


But I think it seems to load good, works on mobile well -- and I am just trying to see if I am making the right decision here.. is there something I would definitely be missing from a paid theme?

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Hey Ralph,


How are you?  I'm the owner of and have been working with Shopify's platform for over 5+ years now. 


I had a chance to check out your website and to answer your question, I don't think you need a paid theme in order to successfully brand your store. I did however notice that the homepage takes a little long to load and that may be due to the size of the slideshow images you have on there.  There are a few online tools that you can use to reduce the image size.

One other recommendation I have would be to work on organizing your collections & navigation. Not only will that help your website be more search engine friendly, your customers will not be as frustrated when looking for an item or category. 


If I could be of help in any other way, please do not hesitate to reach out! Have a wonderful rest of your day!




Hi @iamralphsutton 


I wouldn't go with paid theme until you have at least 100 sales. Plenty of third party themes that are free that work well. Shoot me email if you want to learn more about this. 


As for the apps I don't think you really need heaps. Your website seems to be working fine with the apps you have now and that's great. 


Few Suggestions 


Home Page: I would flow this better 

  • Slideshow Image 
  • Collection List 
  • Image With Text ( Something Interesting ) 
  • Newsletter Sign Up ( Be Creative ) 
  • Popular Products (4-8 Max) 

Connection: I would right at least three blogs. You want to build a connection with your visitors. 


Overall I love the product images and the slideshow images. Keep up the good work. I'll also email you something that will really help. So keep on the look out for that. 



Clayton Bates 



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