Baby Products- Seeking Feedback

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Hello Shopify Community! 


I've been working on my shop for  a while and I'm now seeking feedback on the design. I'm not driving the traffic or sales that I'd like. And while I know this may take time, I'm always open to constructive feedback. 


Background: We're a speciality, organic baby product store. Therefore, we are very aware of the niche market we're in. 


In the last 2 weeks we've changed several areas of the online shop...

1. color theme moved a subdued blue from a dusty rose pink 

2. We've re ordered the appearance of the store "sections" on the homepage

3. we added a YouTube video with info on our products

4. Past feedback people have stated that our store gave them a "fake" in  the store was a fraudulent website. So we added a link to our Instagram and Facebook business pages as we do a lot of marketing and engagement on social media. 

5. We're also working on expanding our blog, "La Lechita".






Thank you all in advance! 


EDIT UPDATE: We are working with a professional photographer now to re- shoot our products. We know our product images are downfall and we're trying to fix this but its taking longer than expected. 


Glad you mentioned the product images are being worked on as those are a huge area that does need work. Also I would say your store lacks any branding or design. There is no cohesive look and feel to your store or brand. I would work with a design to help build a brand in your store. This is something we do for a client and it makes a huge difference when running ads online. Other areas I would tweak are the following:


Homepage Feedback

    1. Get a professional designer to help you build out your brand and make your site standout

    2. Carousels have been proven to kills conversions rates ...limit how much you use the one on your site. No one is going to wait around to see what is on each sliders. The slider above your Instagram images not not work

    3. Consider adding a 15% off popup to your site to encourage first time purchasers to buy

    4. Add links to your footer for FAQ, return/refund and shipping policy. Having the latter two in your Site Policies does not work as most people won't think to look there for shipping information

Product Page  Feedback

    1. Add a section for customer reviews when you get them. This helps build social proof and makes it easier for people to trust your brand. Ask past customers for reviews is a great way to get this started

    2. Make sure all your product images are the same size and dimensions. This is going to help tie your site together

Your store just needs some tweaks to take it up a level.  Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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Can you elaborate branding/ design (as a first timer breaking this down is greatly appreciated or pointing out specific resources to learn from)? 


What elements can be added to provide the cohesive look/ feel to my store? 


Honestly, as a small start up- we cannot afford a professional designer. I understand the impact they may have but we just don't have the budget. It's a professional designer vs a professional photographer right now. 


I did read something on those carousels! I'll definitely make a design adjustment there. 


I'll go back and re- launch my Privvy campaign for email collection and the discount. We ran it for a few months without any benefit (only 5 emails and 2 sales). 


Good call on the footer info! Something that I didn't even consider so I'll definitely tweak that area as well! 


Thanks for this information! 


You could even work with a local college. Maybe a student would work for a low fee to help you build out your brand. You brand is the colours, words, images and icons you use on your site. Branding is all the little things you see and love about a site from how it looks and makes you feel.  Look at brands like Allbirds, each element on that page looks like it belongs on the page and is connected to everything else on the page.

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Perfect! Thank you for this explanation! 

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I would ditch the free theme altogether and invest in a theme that you can customize with color and style. As soon as I see that, I think - Newbie.


I agree with one comment about the products featured. They don't give me the warm fuzzies to buy it at all. With the black background its almost as if you copy and pasted it off another site on to yours.  I think what you're doing is great and if your heart is in this, you will find clients that want your products, but first impressions are paramount. I wanted off the site in seconds. 


- Buy a theme - trust me you won't regret it. You can download it as a free trial, build it in the background and see if it's for you.

- Change the font, I felt the lettering was too dark in contrast with the rest of the site's overall design.

- The products no matter what they are should have a white background - showcase the product, not the black background. 

- Remove the big photos for each page - they were either too blurry and any content written over it got lost in translation. 


Give yourself time to get your website and business up and running. It takes time to get things to look perfect, so do not strive for that. Focus on aesthetics - yes, but make sure your content, as well as your product, is desirable to buy. You can have the most popular product, but if your website looks bad, no one will buy it. It is all about trust, but looks do matter in the e-commerce space. 


Take your time.


Wishing you well and bravo for making it happen. You got this!

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We've already addressed the product photography (it's stated in the original post that we know this is a huge issue and we're in the process of having a professional photographer fix this). 


Change the font style or the font color? And to what? What would give you the warm fuzzies to purchase? We're seeking specific changes and not just generalized feedback as that leaves us "guessing and checking" with no direction. What are you, as a "consumer" seeking? 


I see what you mean with each page's heading photo (be as already stated our new photographer is working on this). The downfall to this theme is that you cannot leave the title blank  (hence the weird white overlay letters) again that leaves me with the question, what do I fill the background with? Solid block of color? 

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Hey Lechebebe,

It seems you have worked quite a lot, but still, some things are missing. Kindly adhere to these below-mentioned points to make your store look more up to the mark than before.

  1. Offer some disounts to the customers as it may help in winning customer trust and engagement.
  2. Add customer reviews below every product to ease customer experience.
  3. Add some more social links apart from Facebook, Instagram to connect better.
  4. Add customer testimonials to the homepage as well apart from Instagram images and blog posts.
  5. You can also install one of the most popular app Growwave which is all in one marketing platform that helps store owners increase conversions with ease.
  6. Finally, I would also recommend replacing the default search with an advanced search like Sparq which allows synonyms, advanced custom tag filters, spelling correction, and other such features. Visitors with search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.
    Check out the features live here.

Hope your store gets more classy with dozens of conversions and sales.



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