Bada Bean - Looking for feedback

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Hey guys, we've just launched

Would love some feedback, positive or negative!




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I just had look into your store. It's was amazing.
I suggest you can add blog for your store. It helps for increasing of your SEO.
There is lot of extra space in the header part. You can remove those extra spaces so that user may not scroll down the page to view your banner images and simultaneously CTA also get highlights.

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Hi Jamie, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Great work on the store so far. It looks very well and shows you've put a lot of work into it. While in a great place there are a few things I noticed which could be added in. Let's take a look at them below:

  • I noticed there wasn't a "Contact Us" page in the store. Adding in a contact us page instills confidence into visitors and builds trust. Shopify has a great guide on how to add a "Contact Us" page which you can see here
  • Instagram marketing is very valuable in today's day and age. I saw you had your profile set up and attached to the store. There are some great Instagram marketing techniques which I think could be worth looking into. A top Shopify Expert recently interviewed a successful Shopify merchant on their podcast where they were implementing organic Instagram engagement and it worked very well for them. With your store being involved in Coffee, there is definitely an audience which you can leverage and build as a lot of people love coffee. You can listen to the podcast here
  • Trust Seal badges can be often overlooked but are hugely valuable to add in to add a trust factor for your store visitors. When a customer knows they can trust a store they are much more likely to follow through and make a purchase. Shopify actually has a great guide on how to trust badges to stores here and a free app here

Hope these help. Don't hesitate to ask should you have any more questions. 

All the best, Nick

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Hi Jamie, I browsed your site and it is really good. You did a good work. I have two tips for you.

You should take a look at the font you are using for the description and the text on your site. It is way too small. This way the only thing anyone will read are the headlines. You should make it easy on them and make the text one or two points bigger. 

The second tip is that you should use retargeting. You sell many products that are very similar to each other. So your customer will have a hard time choosing and many of them will leave without a purchase even tho they are interested in the product. Retargeting ads will help you get those people back when they are ready to finish the sale. You can check out ROI Hunter Easy for that.

Hope it helps.


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@Appfreak - Good point regarding the spacing, I hadn't noticed that.

We do have a blog, but since you never noticed, maybe I should make it more prominent.

@Nick - Thanks for the pointers. I'll make the changes right away.

@Ondra - Again good spot. I'll get the font updated. 

I'm using Google retargeting with dynamic ads, also Facebook. Both targetting add to cart.

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NICE SITE...i dont drink coffee but it made me want to browse. I think once you get ppl to start showcasing your coffee things will take off. Get some influencers and take lots of lifestyle type photos of ppl driking your coffee so people can relate

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@Ocean Boulevard - Thanks! We're working with influencers. What I'm finding most difficult is the initial purchase, so we've created a "sample pack" at a discounted rate. Hopefully, that encourages shoppers to give us a go.