Beauty & Health Related Store.

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I have a store at . I haven't started promoting the page yet. Suggestions on the store would be appreciatd. Thanks!

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Hi, so, so many suggestions. I'm looking for help on my store so in good faith that someone will help me, I'll tell you the rookie mistakes that you have.

1) You have odd capitalisation all over the place

2) You have unrelated items- your niche isn't clear; you have nail polish and teeth whiter and abs muscle stimulation

3) Your layout and color scheme does not create 'trust', no trust with the customer= no sale

4) You need to crop the pictures- your stock photos are clearly taken from aliexpress- crop out the aliexpress store name

5) You should only have products with white backgrounds on your collection page/main photo for product page. It gives your site continuity and it makes it look like YOU had those pictures professionally taken, instead of the obvious screen grab from another store. 


Dropshipping isn't throwing a bunch of stuff up and seeing what sticks. You are creating a customer experience, you are a real store and if you get good enough could become your own brand.

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