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We have worked hard and continue to improve how our drop menus are. Such as the button for kids has under it in the drop down menu toys and clothes. Are there any good examples of websites I can check out for good simple ways of organizing products into drop down menus. We have household and under that says Kitchen and Bathroom. It's a continuous improvement status right now. But I think we've done well in the week since the site went public.

Also, side note, Google hates me I think. I have made so many changes and it states that I am banned right now due to misrepresentation but I really have no idea how and I have requested over and over to be reviewed. I had some underwear that I took out because apparently undergarments is sexual. Any suggestions how I can become compliant with amazon, is there an app to help or to do. What could I be missing. The product information is synced over from the suppliers.


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Hey @OddEndsMeet,

For your dropdown question, we cover that in this video. We cover the basic vertical dropdown menu as well as the mega/multi-level menu.

As for the misrepresentation, I'd take a look at this article from the Google Merchant center and see if any of the items apply to you. You can always reach out to Google for clarification.

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Best of luck!

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