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Hi everyone, I have recently created a store using the Shopify Theme BOUNDLESS. 

I am loving the simplicity of the theme, and the way it looks, though I am having some issues with the product images. 

Once a product is selected, the variants also show at the bottom of the page, right under the checkout button.  Although it's not terrible, it does certainly look a little unprofessional.

I contaced Shopify and they advised I should either change the theme all together, or try to find a solution here. 

Has anyone incurred the same issue with the theme? If so please let me know! Any advice and help is immensly appreciated. 

Thank you in advance!




Hi @sociableclub 


I know this isn't really answering your question but I never use Boundless theme anymore. This theme is free and much better then the shopify free themes. Here is a review I did of it. 


I also have some other helpful videos below 


I'm also happy to video your site and give you some tips and suggestions if interested reach out. 


Hope that helps. Reach out if you need anymore help. 



Clayton Bates 


P.S Here are some video reviews my awesome clients have left me

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