Brand New Store, 1 Sale - Feedback Wanted!

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Hi everyone! 

I launched my store one week today and have gotten one organic sale (after a few hundred dollars spent on FB and IG ads). I know I have a LOT to work on since I just started (breadth of product selection, product descriptions, sizing guide, privacy policy page, more content, etc). But I would absolutely love your feedback on the store and what I can do to improve the user experience and generate more sales in general.

You can check it out at


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Congrats on the big launch!  I think you store looks really great, but could definitely be improved.  First of all when I visit your store I'm not entirely sure what you sell, you're not a big brand yet and when I read "The Essentials", I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at, is that just selling shoes, because when I read "The Essentials" with some pink shoes in the background I'm assuming you only sell shoes.  It isn't until I scroll down that I realize you are selling other things.

Also your store "Evening Ritual" as far as I can tell you don't have a logo, if you don't have a logo you will have a hard time building a brand.

Also I noticed that there is no way from what I can tell to easily contact you, if you don't have any contact information easily available like (a phone number, email, live support chat, whatever), I would have a hard time trusting you.  Like how can I trust a store that I can't easily contact, especially if clothes don't fit, I may want to return them, so it would be good to be able to have an email I could reach out to.

Also on your products their isn't any reviews or long descriptions.  A lot of people want to read up products before they buy them, and see what other people have to say.  Think about it when was the last time you've bought a product without reading the reviews.

Also if you are advertising on facebook and instagram a very large portion of the traffic you drive will be on mobile.  When your customer is on mobile it will be very easy to scroll past your black buy button (the most important button on your page), which happens to blend in with the rest of your page.  You should make sure your buy button is always within a thumbs reach.  I've actually created an app that can help with that

But overall great work!  One last piece of advice before you start spending 100's more on facebook advertising, make sure you start out with small amounts of money first (~$5/day or less), if you aren't making money on $5 you won't make money with $500 or $5000.  But I'm sure if you stick with it you will succeed!

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Hey, there! 

Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! I do think that Mark has some great points in the above post, but there are a few other pieces of feedback that I'd be happy to share with you! 

The first thing I recognize in every website is the favicon. Favicons are icons that your customers see when they view your website in their browser - it shows up on the browser tab or in the URL bar. Adding a favicon can really just help customize your website a bit more. We have a really handy help guide that I would recommend checking out if you're interested in adding a favicon, you can check it out here

I'm really liking the modern aesthetic that you've created on your storefront. I think your logo is great, the text is perfect - but it could be a bit larger. You want people to remember your store name and remember your logo, so it's important that it's obvious to see on your website. You can also think about carrying your logo over just to keep your brand showing across all pages. Maybe include your logo on your 'About' page and product pages. 

To keep with the consistency of your aesthetic, I would recommend making sure that all of your product images are similar in format, background and resolution. I can see that some products have quite a few images and some have a lot fewer. You can keep consistency with your product images by keeping the same format (square or rectangle), having the same background (the same solid colour or background scene), making sure that your products have similar amounts of images so that your customers can compare and some model or lifestyle shots for all.

Since you do provide different options and variants for some of your products, it would be helpful for the customer to be able to see which options of that product are available. You can provide this type of functionality for your customers by using an app that connects your variant images with the variant option. For example, on your 'SLOANE earrings' product, you have the options of having that product in gold, silver and rose gold. If you were to use one of these apps, your customers could select their variant option of gold, silver or rose gold and the appropriate image would pop up as the product image. If the customer chose silver, they would see a silver product image. 
If you're interested in using an app to provide that type of functionality, then you can be sure to check out;
Variant Image Automator by StarApps and Variant Image Penguin.

Speaking of apps, I would also recommend adding in a social media feed. Adding a social media feed will not only improve the way your page looks by adding more brand graphics, but it would be an easier way to show your customers that you're connected with different platforms. Specifically I would look into the apps; Social Feed, Instagram Feed - Stunning Instagram Gallery and Facebook Feed - Product Feeds Made Easy!

I thought I would leave you with a few resources to help you build more conversion with your new shop. I would recommend taking a look through these blog articles to help you with conversion and traffic:

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to ask and we would be happy to help!

Shopify Guru

*Karlie* | Social Care @ Shopify
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