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Hey guys


Hope you're all well. Happy New Year to you all too, ope 2020 is all that you wish it to be.


I have recently set up my brand new Shopify store and I was wondering if you'd mind looking over it and giving me a few pointers please?


I'm using a free theme for now, just because I'm getting started, but I will be moving onto a paid theme, or have a Shopify expert to design one for me.


Here's the link to my website:


My brand is designed for the skater community really. Also those people who like and wear streetwear clothing, people who identify as, 'hypebeasts'. Meaning they love brands such as Supreme, Bape, Stussy, Palace, Mastermind Japan, North Face, Adidas skateboards etc.


I've created keyword friendly titles of the products, used H1, H2 and H3 titles, as well as keywording the descriptions. For the images, they are all Meta friendly too. I have a blog also which is keyworded, as well as hyperlinks to people and brands I mention.


Social media wise, I only use Facebook and Instagram. This is just personal choice and feel I can generate interest with these too platforms.


As I say, the website is pretty much basic for now whilst I start to build up awareness of my brand, so please don't hate on me too much! :)


If any of you out there have any constructive tips for me, I welcome the feedback.


All designs you'll see on my website, I've designed myself. I like the designs personally and if I saw it on clothing etc, I'd be willing to buy it. I've tried to base what I sell upon my own personal taste.


My audience is generally males, aged between 18 - 26, most Western countries and that are into a street style lifestyle. Eg. skateboarding, music, fashion, clothing, sneakers, pop culture, collectable vinyl toys etc.


Apologies for the long introduction, I just wanted to give you as much background and information as possible.


Thank you in advance and I look forward to reviewing your replies.

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Hey Tootrueworldwide,

I would love to see an Account login/sign-in system, as it is a must for an ecommerce. Apart from that, you need much more improvement on your site. Some of my suggestions to you are as follows:

  1. Add some text to the site logo to make it much more descriptive.
  2. A central banner is a must for depicting site peculiarity.
  3. The search button if placed on the upper right along with the cart would look much better.
  4. Bestsellers and discounts must be added to the homepage for better customer-centricity.
  5. Newsletter should be added to the footer beside the privacy policy part to cover the unwanted white space.
  6. Instagram images and testimonials should also be added.
  7. You can also install one of the most popular app Growwave which is all in one marketing platform that helps store owners increase conversions with ease.
  8.  Finally, I would also recommend replacing the default search with an advanced search like Sparq which allows synonyms, advanced custom tag filters, spelling correction, and other such features. Visitors with search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.
    Check out the features live here.

    You can use Sparq free trial for as many products in your store. After the trial period, you can enjoy with Sparq’s Free Starter Plan for upto 1000* products.

Hope your store improves and starts receiving conversions very soon.



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Hi @BillyBonney 

I like your website, you have some really interesting sweaters and tshirts. I happen to work for Klarna and we offer buy now, pay later options that allow customers the ability to buy now and spread the remaining payments out with no interest. About 67% of millennials don't have credit cards and this allows them to pay only 25% at time of purchase therefore they are more likely to buy aka convert and also we are seeing them put more items into their cart as well. We also pay you in full upfront and take on all the risks of any chargebacks and fraud.  Also if you are looking to increase brand awareness we have a shop directory, instagram and other social media that we can feature you on. It easily integrates with Shopify and you can get started today to start increasing conversions. Here is a little more information and how to get started.


Hope this is helpful!