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Hi Shopify! Brand New store. My team did an excellent job on it. I want to share with u guys. i see 600 people online i hope u guys will check it out.

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I just had Looked into your website. Your website Home page more than half of the page contains header Section Due to this your store banner are not clearly appeared in home page, I mean you can reduce your header section or reduce the banner dimensions so that user may not scroll down the page to view your banner images and simultaneously CTA also get highlights.
And also your header section covers Product Page too. It's not Looking Good. Otherwise, Great Work You have done on your website.


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Great looking website with neat and clean!!


Favicon is missing!! Its a small 16x16 pixel icon which helps as banding for you website. It is located at browser tab of your store. Its mainly used to help visitors to locate your store web page easily when there are multiple tabs open. And it also helps when the customer bookmarks your page to identify your website easily. Refer this link on how to add favicon to store


Product page, there is a product which has 18 gallery images for that product. You have placed all the images side by side, if the product has more gallery images then user has to scroll down the page to look all the images and also it occupies lots of space. So I suggest if you add a carousel to the images then it looks better and it improves user experience.


Some images have the plain background and some are with background and model. I suggest to maintain a equal style for all the products so that it gains a good sight. And also need to add more products into the collection. I am just seeing one product in a collection. Add more content and get more customers to the website.


Good Luck,

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  • your product image is too small.Your have not so many products so product images shd be bigger to take the focus.
  • you have too much empty spaces.It is challenging to design a good website for v few products.
  • your product info section is too wide.Ideally around 45% width is ok.