Brewery in need of back-end price breakdown!

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Hey all!


My store is for a brewery and I'm trying to figure out a way to breakdown the price of our products on our backend but looks whole on the consumer front. EX. If a case of beer is $75 = $2.40 is deposit, tax is $9.44, basic price is $63.16. It would help our reporting to have this info be available from Shopify reports. 


I'm currently restricted because our retail channel from shopify is just the buy button. 


Any insight on how to achieve this?


Many thanks,



Hey Michelle,


On the front-end you can enable "Show all prices with tax included". Settings > Taxes > Show all prices with tax included.


From the reporting side you can add the "Tax" column under Reports > Profit Margin > Profit by Product > Edit columns > Tax. You can also export the report and add a deposit line in excel with a formula. 


Let me know if that's what you're looking for! 




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Thanks for your response. 

I don't think those solutions work - as I'm trying to break it down as follows:


Ex. $75 case

I need to charge tax on the base price of $63.16 ( 13% tax is $9.44) THEN ADD a deposit of $2.40(which is not taxable) = $75 case total (what our store needs to show)


I think our solution is to do this all manually from the reports...