Building an Online Art Gallery - Feedback Appreciated

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As I mentioned in the subject, I am currently developing an art gallery and I admit that it is quite challenging. Selling art online isn't like 'any' dropshipping e-commerce, in which the sales pitch is crystal clear. For this reason, I am kindly asking for advice on both the visual aspect and writing contents of the website. What would you change? Also, don't hesitate if you have any suggestions regarding the website performance!


Website url: url:


Quick question: should I keep the banner? I just added it but I am still not convinced, or at least not by the arguments I used.

I used the Debut theme to start with a minimalistic touch, even though I know I won't keep this theme in the long run (I want to have a uniquely designed store that echoes the beauty of the artworks).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as we would like to have a proper website before running ads to generate more traffic, as we don't get much organically (see below).Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 22.15.19.png


For those who may be wondering: this is not a dropshipping store, all the artworks are my mum's property. 


Thank you for any help you can provide,


All the best,

Anne & Joseph