Can I get feedback about the site? Thank you.

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Hey there, @Jemila!  

Your store has some great things in it, and I think with a little visitor insight, you can make it stand out even more.


I like that you haven’t made it so long and have condensed it. I would suggest using click heatmaps (to see where people click) and scroll heatmaps (to see how far down the page people scroll) to really evaluate it. 

  • For your banner, update the language. “Free shipping from 99 $” needs some formatting issues (maybe a currency localization error?). Also, evaluate the price point for free shipping. Since most of your products are at a mid-level price point, consider lowering it to $50 instead. If someone has a $30 product in their cart, $99 wouldn’t be enough for them to add in 3-4 more products. $50, however, may encourage them to add in one more product to meet the free shipping threshold. 
  • Focus on one hero image rather than rotating hero images. It’s distracting and far too fast. Keep it simple and limit it to one. 
  • Take out the block of text between your hero image and your collection list. It isn’t linked, and I doubt it’s helping someone decide to buy from you. 
  • Newsletter subscription: Use a scroll heatmap to see how far down the page people scroll. Add in some value (i.e., get 20% of your next purchase). Basically, give them a reason to sign up.


I’m all for condensed navigation bars, but yours is too charge. Instead of Catalog, I would also add in your top collections. So Home | Natural Stone Jewelry | Therapeutic Energy Healing Jewelry | Charm Jewelry | View All Products. That keeps it short enough for visitors to read it quickly but still more options so they can click into it.

Use click heatmaps to evaluate your options and session recordings to watch how people navigate across your store.

Collection pages

For reference, I’m looking at Therapeutic Energy Healing Jewelry for Man and Woman. 

  • Test removing your header image. It’s not adding to the purchase, and it’s pushing everything down. See if it impacts your sales. 
  • For this collection in particular, remove “for Man and Woman.” It’s not necessary and takes up too much space.
  • I would simplify the messaging before your collections. Watch how the text can be misinterpreted. For example, “But even if nothing hurts you…” almost sounds like the magnetic bracelets could hurt us. Since you don’t mention pain management anywhere else, it doesn’t support your products but deters from it.
  • Add in filters for gender, material, price, length, etc.

Product pages

For reference, I’m looking at the Women Long Flower Necklace Pendant - perfect for gift giving. - Silver.

  • Re-evaluate your product names. It’s not the worst keyword stuffing I’ve seen, but it’s not great. Simplify if “Long flower necklace pendant” or something similar. You don’t need “Women” or “Perfect for Gift Giving”
  • Don’t leave shipping calculations to the checkout. You’ve linked to the Shipping Policy, so just adjust the copy to reflect that.
  • The banner for free shipping only shows on the homepage, so visitors on your product pages wouldn’t know that there’s a deal. 
  • Highlight your photos in a different way. The way the photos are displayed now make it difficult to view them all and pushes them down too far. 
  • Move your reviews up. They are way too far down the page. 

Your store already looks good, and with visitor behavior, you can make it look even better. Because you’re using visitors to guide your updates, you can understand what’s stopping them from checking out and fix it quickly. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers -

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Hello Jemila, how do you do? I looked at your page and frankly you could some optimization to help potential shoppers to find your page in a quicker manner. Placing your page link in two different utilities (Woorank and PageSpeed Insights), it scored poorly in both utilities. ---In terms of page speed your page scored a 42 out of a possible 100 ---In terms page rank which tells us how easy it is for people to find your page, it was rated 51 out of 100. Here are a few things which you can do to improve your page ---Include Social Media links (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), to help broaden the presence of your store - Social Media is where a large number of people are. It increases the chances of being found in a search and that increases your Woorank. ---Also get a chat app of a sort to help shoppers who end up at your storefront to engage with you. I am available to help you with further clarification in case you don't understand something. If this works for you, please mark it as an accepted solution and like it
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Hi Jemila,

My name is Vivek and I am a Shopify partner. 
I have looked on your website, you have completed basic things in it.

I have some suggestions:
1. I guess you need to add some more links on the header menu (Home, Collections, Contact Us, About us, FAQ, etc) it will help users to access the right information on your website.
2. The banner is very good and would best if you customize the banner text position.
3. You should display most selling products on the homepage. It will help users to avoid extra click
4. You can use some creative blocks after the collection list.
5. You can add blogs (Ex. TOP 10 Memorable jewelry you should have! etc)
6. You can add accepted payment methods and trust signals (Shipping information, DElivery guarantee, Best quality guarantee, etc)
7. Footer is also a very crucial part of any website. Add customer support information (Contact details, address, business hours, email is, customer care number, etc.)

8. Add Live chat feature to answer your customer query.

Last but not least.
A compelling website always adds more customers and conversion to your website.


Vivek Kumar