Can anyone help me please? I'm going crazy..

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Hello, I’m Marion.

I started my store around 3 month ago.

I am using FB Ads and have around 100 visits a day but since now, not one sale. I have installed Hotjar to see if something is going wrong. Moreover I have installed Google Analytics, build a fb fanpage, instagram fanpage and I'm posting regulary. I have changed buttons to develope trust, spent a lot of time in searching good products, written good descriptions, added fotos and videos. I don't know what to do..

Could someone check my site if there is something wrong or give me advices?

Thank you in advance and kind regards


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Your store looks very nice. Only point I want to add is aboud product reviews.

Product reviews are very important to boost your sales, so use Product reviews app. You can check our photo review app to get reviews in attarctive layouts.



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Thanks for your reply. It looks great!

Can you tell me if I can change the language of „Based On 1 Reviews“, „CUSTOMER REVIEWS“ and „WRITE A REVIEW“?

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Hi Marion,

Reviews may be an important part of biulding trust but, I would suggest to do a little bit of research OR see what other stores owners are using.

There are apps that will allow customers to review products without paying a montly fee. Yes, those free apps look with less credibility but for a starter, what you want is to cut the expense as much as you can. You easily add a pay version if you wish.

The app I'm currently using for reviews, I pay nothing for it and I don't think that's the reason I'm not selling enough. Actually, I not too terrible. 130 sales in a few months isn't terrible! 

Just thought I would give my opinion.

I see a lot people here that are promoting thier apps. Do some research and choose what is best. :)

Good luck!


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Hey Marion! Kiersten from Shogun Drag and Drop Page Builder here. Sorry I'm late to the party! Honestly, I think your store looks great and has a ton of potential. 

If you want to play around with making changes (adding buttons, etc), you can import your existing Shopify pages into Shogun or build completely custom Shopify pages using Shogun's Drag and Drop Page Builder.

Give Shogun a free trial for 10 days and keep all your hard work:

Also, let us know if you need anything by emailing us directly at


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Hello Marion,

Your Store looks great!  You’ve done a very nice job.

I’m not a pro or guru, and I’m not just promoting my app (which I do not have).  Just giving my opinion. It may not be good advice...

A few things I would change.

On mobile, the screen is cluttered with “floating tabs”.  It makes it hard for me to see your store, and harder to navigate.

i know everyone likes the little “mail” icon (just because we can add it easily), but you can find several good places to put “contact us” so your customers feel comfortable about contacting you easily. 

“Someone ..just bought...”.   It may be just me, but I really don’t think this wIll persuade customers to buy from you.  Your products photos and descriptions should do this.  The pop up comes much too often and is distracting me from shopping especially on mobile.

The trust “floating” thing is probably not needed either.  There are other ways to gain trust rather than covering your store with things like this.

The “feedback” thing....dont need it either.  It’s blocking your beautiful store.

Finally, the pop up comes way too quickly.  Before I even get a chance to look around, I’m asked for my email address.  Please let me look around peacefully at your store, it is very nice!

Again, just my honest opinion. 

Wish you very good luck and sales!

Kind regards,


If you don’t mind taking a look at my honest opinion is very helpful. Isn’t that what this forum is all about? My post title is “Still only 1% conversion rate”

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Hello Marian,

Congrats with your store and for taking action,

A key factor for the success of your store is Marketing.

Everything falls down to Marketing and Sales, you need to know how to drive traffic to your store, you need to know the platform you are using to drive traffic, and you need to know your audience and what products fits them.

Your store must also be optimized and set into a funnel to make continue conversions.

There is a lot of information online, you can search on forums, Facebook groups,YouTube and Quora. Sometimes it can get too overwhelming tho,

I can see that you are working very hard, and that is what you need to succeed, you need to have goals, commitment, and determination, most people fail on these.

and finally you need guidance.

It is the same as when you got your driving license, yes maybe you knew how to drive, but you still needed an instructor to guide you to the right direction.

It is the same with this business, you will need guidance to set you in the right direction, so you can become later on a professional driver of your store.

It is not complicated if you have guidance.

If you need anymore help,and you are still struggling to make profit with e-commerce, for 5 years now I am helping many eCommerce stores to success. book a free one on one session with me here:

Best Regards


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Hi, Marion,

Tried to look at your shop, but did not see a link to it.  Sorry.