Can i get some reviews on my store

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Hi we launched this store about 2 1/2 months ago and i feel like we could definitely do better in some places but i cant figure out where to start i just want some public opinions of our store feel free to pinpoint any changes or additions you think should be made. Thanks!


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I took a look at you shop and I would consider improving your page flow. Fortunately, it's not as difficult as it seems.

It's an app that that will add product recommendations to your shop. The rule of thumb is you want your audience to see (and buy) your products in as few clicks as possible. DAR.WIN has a free tier for you to try. See if it helps out your shop.

- The DAR.WIN Team

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Hii Dear

The Main Banner is simply Awesome on the screen.and the image quality is also good.but my suggestion is if you place sliding mode on the main menu then it will have very good look like if you place different types of collections on the slide.

At any point when i access a particular product there is no display of SIMILAR or RELATED Products.Try to make a correction in this area.

You have already mentioned about terms and conditions but my suggestion is to Please add terms and conditions acceptance checkbox before the payment process (at checkout) so as to avoid any refund/return policy issues.refer any good terms and conditions app to solve this problem. 

It is great work that you are trying to promote in facebook as well as instagram but when i access to them they are opening in same tab please make a correction here and try to make open in new window.

I also want to suggest to add direct contact details of your store so that customr can easily access your store.(email id, phone number etc.)

I didnt find any reviews on your product.As you know how review play important role in online sales.if possible try to refer any customer Review app inorder to improve your sales

Thank You