Can someone review my store?

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I am looking for some feedback on how my store looks.

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Hi Blove! Maggie, Shopify Expert here :)

Absolutely adorable products and good quality images! That's a really great start.

Consider optimizing the sliding images for conversion - add a short tagline to each one - like "Shop our hair ties" with a link to a relevant collection. This will help your first-time visitors understand what you are selling, and it will prompt them to click and browse your products, which will help you improve your conversion rate.


Collection page looks excellent.


Product page - consider writing longer product descriptions. You currently only display the model + photographer details:


Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 17.33.08.png


consider adding longer and more detailed product descriptions. That’s also a great way to build a rapport with your visitors and convert. Short one-sentence description can make an impression you are not willing to make an effort for your customers, which can leave them feeling like why should they make an effort and buy from you.

Good product description can easily put you above a competitor selling similar product, but not having the items described enough to convince people to buy. Detailed descriptions can also help you build your authority and knowledge of the niche, which is essential for buyers, who want to feel they can trust your expertise and the choice of the products. 

See below how to write product descriptions that sell:


Consider adding related items section to your product page as well - it will help you improve the average order value through cross-selling and also make people browse more items in your store. See how to cross sell with related items:


About us - I love your photo and a short info.


Font - the font you use is beautiful, but it might not work on a commercial website. Decorative font is hard to read, and might flag your website in Google as not being accessible to all users [especially those visually-impaired]. User-experience plays big role for SEO, so decorative font might actually work against you when it comes to organic rank. Consider sticking to web-friendly fonts, like the Sans-Serif group to be on a good side of Google.


Social media icons - make sure to open the icons in new tabs, so you don’t lose the valuable traffic. Please see how to do it in this helpful guide:


Hope it helps!


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