Can't access my store, nor admin page

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Does this sound familiar? Chat was ended FOR me before I could get an adequate answer to my request. 

ticket no. 16268785 shop:


I had just paid for a whole year of subscription and domain, Shopify gladly took my money. So I had a few orders from old customers and shipped them via USPS. I provided everything Shopify asked for promptly including passport, ID photos, proof of address, proof of inventory, proof of order delivery. Then Shopify puts my payout on hold saying this is a standard review. I thought ok, I can wait for the money while I keep optimizing my site. Then I've updated an 'expiring soon' credit card on file that was when everything crashed and burnt. My site became inaccessible. 


So it's been 5 days since they've told me originally to wait 24-72 hours, support agents would no longer give me a timeframe because most likely they can't keep their promises plus I wouldn't believe them anyway. I'm out $1000 in Shopify fees and products that I've shipped, plus the hours and sweat I've put into building shop. 


I would reconsider if you are thinking about joining because I've heard countless people got their shop shut down permanently without any prior notice nor any explanation. They've lost all their content, photos, domain and money. I saw these forum threads before I signed up thinking I'm a legit business so this wouldn't happen to me. UNTIL it did...  Yes, they have 24 hours support but all you get is a robot answering machine saying 'we are looking into this..... you will be contacted soon' then cricket sound. 


Posting this because I wish I could save some people from frustration, hopelessness and losing hard-earned $$.