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Can you please review our shopify store?


We appreciate any and all feedback as we want to improve our overall user experience as much as possible!



The Brandable Box Team 

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Hi @bshephe9 


Hey congratulations on opening such a great store, honestly I like it a lot, but I think there might be a couple things you could consider adding.


After carefully reviewing I don't see a sense of urgency. One of the main reasons why people don't buy from a store is because they feel like they can buy it whenever. A big thing that can help more of your visitors be turned into buyers would be by adding a sense of urgency to your store. One way to add urgency is to have a sale, and all sales need an end date. You can easily add a sale to your store with a countdown timer. One countdown timer that I recommend is .


You know your store is actually quite good, and I think with just a bit of love and care, you will be able to really succeed.


If you found this review useful I created an email course here where you can learn more ways to convert your customers


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Hi @bshephe9 


Great store! It is awesome to know that there are easier options to a new eCommerce entrepreneur in being able to ship with custom packaging.


I did notice that your contact us page just has an email address  but does not have a form. If your customers or target customers are businesses, then this would be alright as they probably have outlook, etc. and clicking on the link will open up their email app. But for a regular customer or small store owner, they might not have an email software such as outlook and most probably will not spend the time in copying/pasting the email address. A contact or quote request form can make it easier for your customers to contact Brandable Box. The form could even be customized to include the reason they are contacting, product line, and/or support. 

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