Can you guys give me some feedback?

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I’m running this site for almost 2 years,and I really would like to hear some feedbacks from other site owners.
(I know it’s not in English,but just the design and overall) (also can use google translate if you have it installed on your browser so can easily understand)
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Hey @EyalPasha ,


I've just checked out your store , its pretty cool to see the collection of basketball merchandise showcased on your store , i do feel there could be a change in the visual aspect , it does look clean with the minimal look and white spacing , but its too simple in the minimal context , i'll suggest some pointers on how to make it more visually pleasing. 

1. The site does not look presentable enough as a shopping website , add more banners for sales and offers , and maybe a UI change regarding what to show first on the landing page rather than those category cards. A professional logo to website and an amazing landing page can bring a lot of difference.  
2. I see that the site is in Hebrew , i don't know how many people use that as a language to communicate , would be better if its in a universal language , if you are going for a global approach or your local language if it's only regional sales. 
3. You can increase your sales by giving better clarity to your product to your customers  by using product labels as well , for that i can suggest an app as well. 

Take care

Stay Safe 



you can ping me for any free graphic design work as i've been in this field for the past few years. 

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Hey EyalPasha


Your website looks good. It's simple and free of distractions. That's useful since the shopper moves towards the product catalogue quickly. 


You could add some colour to it though - images or text colours that enforce a brand image. This could be uniform across your website. 


Coming to your product catalogue, I missed seeing any social proof and urgency. Something that would catch my attention and drive me to buy immediately. You could relate to this by thinking of a real life store - when you pass by their window, you'll see their latest collections, top offers and bestseller, isn't it? Well, that's the same for an online store as well!


What your store could really use a clear message to 'Buy This!'

A suggestion here. You could add some kind of stickers or labels to highlight things like trending, running out fast, back in stock, hot seller etc. The Shopify app store is source of some really good Apps that can give your catalogue the focus it really needs. That's the best way you can make sure that a new visitor ends up buying and experiencing the same joy that you feel when you create and showcase these products!  


I hope this helps!





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