Can you please review my store and find the problem?

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Hello and thank you so much for your time!

This is my first e-commerce store 

It's a simple one-product store.

My big problem is Facebook has banned it and I now I cant advertise it. I don't even understand why!  Can you please tell me where is the problem?

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You can still advertise on different channels (probably will get a better ROI too).


FB can probably tell you why they banned it, but a couple things I noticed:

- If you're making medical claims in your ads, that might have triggered their algo to ban.


- It doesn't feel trustworthy to me for these reasons: no about page, logo feels homemade (my opinion of course), "amazing new product" link in the header feels kind of spammy. The reviews with pictures are nice though 👍

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Thank you so much for your replay!

I will change the things you pointed out, I wasn't too sure about them either. I will try to remove all things that can sound like medical advice.

Facebook of course is very slow with the answers and they look like generic bot replays.

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Hi @ion4ev 


To be honest, I think you need to work more on the site. It looks unfinished. Even though  hit is a singe-item store, it does not mean you can create a nice and detailed site. Get inspired from other stores that also sell singe products. 


-add a better solid hero banner image 

-have different sections underneath with the benefits of the item (create a separate image for each benefit)

-improve the testimonial section 

-he sale you have seems to be a nice deal, however, when you make such a big amount off it might devalue your product. People always need to know why you have made such sales, is it a seasonal sale? or is it because there is no demand on it? Does that mean the product is bad? 

Instead of giving discount for nothing, give them as rewards for completing certain actions on your store ex. for creating accounts, for leaving a review, for sharing your site, for spending money on your site. It is not difficult for a user to do and you will get so many actions on your site, and you are having discounts anyway. 


Once you have that done, I encourage you to post it here on community again and see what you van do next.


I am afraid if you do ads for what you have now, they will not pay off at all. Hopefully, I am not too harsh, but it would be sad to lose time and money because of that. 


 Take care and stay healthy <3



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Hi @ion4ev 


Hope you're doing well!

Some points noticed for betterment if your store:


1) logo needs to be redone, not looking professional, favicon should be a smaller version of your logo, not any random image

2) banner quality is not that good dear, need high quality images

3) if it's a one product store then you've got a lot to say about your product, just selling is not the purpose first you need to aware your visitors about its usage, features etc. (videos, content, can work)

4) "powered by shopify" in the footer should be removed

5) the price and quantity can in sync with each other, quantity is increased then price should increase simultaneously

6) no "add to cart" option, see options should always be there, what if visitor doesn't want to purchase at once, what he'll do, leave the site without doing anything. there should be options for all

7) dynamic checkout option should be there at product page: PayPal or Amazon pay or whichever you use

8) - the logo at checkout is different

9) - try to register to multiple payment methods apart from PayPal. you can gather more sales by providing different options to your buyers


Also, regarding facebook the reason Joes gave is accurate, because Fb doesn't allow such products, you can try re-naming your product and description. Can try Google Shopping ads, may be they can allow, may be not. Reason same.


Wish you great health! (Y) Stay safe!

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