Cannot contact seller, not responding!!!

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Hello everyone,


Hopefully someone can help me out a little bit here, although i'm not exactly sure how you could help me but i'm worried so i'm asking anyway.


I've had my store fr about a week not and got several sales, but recently I started to slightly scale.

Now that i'm getting a few more orders through I feel like my supplier is going to get sloppy, since he's last responded(48 hours ago) i've put in an order for about 6 shipments.


None of them have been fulfilled on his end, not has he even read the messages in AliExpress chat.


Wondering what to do because I don't want my customers to start refunding their orders because they haven't got a shipped email or anything. Can anyone help me resolve this in any way? Thank you !!!!!

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This is an accepted solution.

If you are using AliExpress, keep in mind that if your supplier is in China, they are celebrating their new year at the moment. Response & Shipping speed will be slow until early February.

Have you tried to source the product from a different supplier? Or a different country of origin?
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Thank you for the heads up,


I haven't looked into sourcing the product from a different supplier yet, but if they are al in China would it make a difference?


I will look if there is an American supplier now though.


Thank you for your response!

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Hi @JamieO! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


I saw that your question has already been answered, and so from my end, I'll be making a suggestion as to what platform you can use to find alternative US-based suppliers so you can continue operations during Chinese New Year - and the long-term should you find that the platform's services are satisfactory. That being said, have you had the chance to use Spocket? I think it's the perfect alternative for AliExpress as most of the suppliers on the platform come from the US - the EU as well if you wish to expand your options. Quite obviously, our suppliers won't be affected by the CNY holidays - plus, products on Spocket can ship in as fast as 3-5 days, sometimes 1-3 days or 4-7 days depending on where you're shipping to. You might even want to consider using the app long after CNY has ended.




In any case, you can learn more about the platform by visiting Spocket's official website and/or by joining Spocket's official Facebook group. All the best and hope you can check us out!