Changes Done. What do you think?

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Have revamped the site a bit. Always adding applicable products and making corrections. I have mixed feelings about product descriptions for these specific products. They are very self explanatory and cant have the same description for 50 different ones. Besides that...Any things that stick out right away? (I'm still working on top viewed products) 



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The first impression is very positive - you have a unique above the fold area, single image and a menu. Very original - consider also adding a dedicated space for the logo, so people can click it and jump to the homepage wherever they are on your website. That will help you improve your store navigation and a customer journey.


Consider also adding more content to your homepage - like featured products, collections, more promo elements. Reviews are great, and they can be featured as well - as supporting content, while you can make your products a main content on the homepage. That will help you improve the conversion rate and prompt more people to click and browse your store and eventually buy.

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Hey there,


Your site looks awesome, I mean when I just enter it, it gives me a nice impression :)


I noticed that at the homepage, you've got reviews listed below footer? I guess it is due to the fact that you are still working on them? But I like that it is listed in masonry grid, looks cute for the site that sells cool stuff for babies.


I've mentioned it for the different store and I will mention it here as well. If you could show the stars on the collections pages it would be awesome to ensure users click on the product.

Not sure if reviews are working correctly on your store, here is the screenshot: you can see that it is only 1 review that is taking into account, while there are 2 reviews.


Also, I feel like other reviews that are listed below footer can be placed just above the footer in a slider form? This way it will look more appropriate I believe. Something like this: I mean it will take less space.


Hope it helps :)

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