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Please rate my store and tell me what is wrong with it I am not getting any sales.  :'(

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Congratulation for your store. We have gone through your store and hope the following suggestion will help you.


1. Optimize your store loading speed for mobile and desktop

2. Need to work on design

3. Optimize your each product landing page

4. Optimize your store for SEO

5. Target custom affinity audience in ads

There are other areas you need to work

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Hello there!


Welcome to the Shopify family!


Jumping straight to the point. Here are the things you can work on:


  • I noticed that you do have accounts on the most popular social networks. Good, that is a must! I would suggest you to be constantly active in them, promoting your products and your brand.
  • Regarding the social links in your footer, you should make sure that they open in a separate tab upon clicking. This way your customers will still be able to check the respective page and keep your website open at the same time.
  • I would advise you to look around for some apps that can improve your sales in the Shopify app store - For example, this one -  will help you recover some of your leaving customers with a discount to exit intent. It offers ready-to-use templates, and also it has a 15-day free trial.
  • You do not seem to have Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy on your store. Make sure to add them as they are required.
  • If you are shipping worldwide (it appears that you do), you should be GDPR compliant (for EU at least). You can try some of the apps on the app store, I would suggest you this one:
  • Try adding a bit more description to your products. It will help you with the text-to-code ratio on your pages, which will then help you for better SEO.
  • Add a product review section on your product pages.

I hope I helped!

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Hi there,


I noticed that all social links at the footer of your website lead to Shopify ones, I believe you might consider correcting them


Perhaps you find it useful to add wishlist to your website, you can find it on Shopify appstore. Once done, it will help you to decrease the cart abandonment rate through the automated emails, which trigger with different conditions eg. the item is on sale


And good that you've got a proper email address stated and a separate contact form.



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Hi ,

Store looks good and has decent potential to drive sales.
Its hard to tell from here, why you can't convert traffic to sales, maybe visitors won't find your store appealing or you just unable to build trust among visitors.
I have reviewed your store and updated you, how to be more tempting and drive sales with better effeciency.
Also this will help you in improving and overall functionalities.

  1. UI is amzaing, try adding some insta images or testimonials as this will make homepage attractive.
    Also, You can add another section of Frequently Bought/Clicked/Trending/Bestselling products on your home page.
  2. Make sure your social media pages opened at the new tab instead of the same tab. This will ensure your customers stay on your website while looking at your social presence.
  3. Also since you have just started you can have some promotional activity on the site, offer some discounts and add referral code that can help the first time user to gain discount on second order.
  4. For better traffic and sales , you can Run some advertisements from the popular app Kit . Kit is the extra set of hands you’ve been looking for to help with marketing your store. As your FREE virtual employee, Kit will recommend the marketing activities most likely to drive sales.
  5. If you're suffering from lots of traffic and little sales due to abandoned carts, you're not the only one— and PushOwl could be the answer you're looking for. Automated abandoned cart push notifications can help you increase sales and re-engage visitors to your site who have left.

  6. You have around 100 prouducts , it can sometimes make it hard to find the right product for the new user with the type of theme you have so I would suggest you A smart search . It will add some suggestions to the search bar  ..
    The default search landing page is bit off, I mean it is empty Improving your search, experience has shown to improve conversion rates and reduce the bounce rate for your visitors.

  7. Try using Sparq which allows advanced filters, typo tolerance and other such feature. Visitors with search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.They offer a free App under 100 products .You Should look for that APP , it is user friendly and easy to use .Check out the features live here. I hope my feedback will help you converting visitors into customers.

    I hope my feedback will help you converting visitors into customers.

    May it rains customers and orders,

    Neha :)

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 Hi Gym_Yard, 


I would remove Vibes from your navigation until you are able to fill out that category. 


I would also find some "bait" products. Something that is unique to you and isn't readily available anywhere else. These will be featured in advertising and are something that catches the eye of your target consumer. You may consider print-on-demand products that can then have your own personalized sayings or branded images on them. This would set you apart from other dropshipping sites. 


You may also want to start taking your own gym photos to use in your header images. Some of them looked like stock images. Doing your own photography and building up a creative library for use will help set you apart from competitors, and it will also help you develop a unique aesthetic that doesn't look like other fitness brands. 


You may also want to start influencer marketing. Using influencers to drive traffic to your site can be a great way to build initial sales. You should definitely install Carro. It is a free Shopify app that helps you discover all the influencers who already love your brand. It's a great resource to people starting out with influencer marketing.


Good luck!

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Hi @gym_yard 


Overall I think your shopify store looks pretty good, But I noticed a couple of things that you might consider adding.


After carefully reviewing I don't see reviews. It would be good to add reviews for your products. Think about it when was the last time you bought a product without reading the reviews first? I think you should definitely add some reviews.


After looking I couldn't find a blog. Adding a blog to your site would help to increase SEO on your site.


But seriously your store is actually really great, and I think just a few minor tweaks could really go a long way.


Just so you know (I had to do it), I wrote a series of emails that might help you with some tips for making your store better (I get into the weeds there).

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