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Hi You Guys Please Review My Online Store I Would Really Appreciate Feedback! ☺️



Congratulations for your store!


Hope following feedback will help you.


  • Add Logo & Favicon
  • Check your Social profile links it is showing 404 and try to open it on new tab
  • Have a clear header bar to help users locate the products they're looking for. Example of Good Header
  • Add Custom search - Customize the search icon with a toggle effect so the search form slides out when user clicks on the icon. Makes your site look neat.
  • Add Custom Slider with Call to Action
  • Improve Over All Text , Font , Paragraph , Alignment , Spacing , Padding etc to make it more elegant
  • Balancing color, font images etc. - Maintain the same or similar colours and fonts throughout your store to keep your branding intact.
  • Highlight your USP - What's unique about you and your brand that none of the other Shopify merchants have? This needs to be highlighted in your store presentation, features & more.
  • Add Trust Badge
  • Human Touch : About you and your business - Highlight what makes you different and personalize your offerings when you write about your brand in a custom About Us section.Example of Nice Home page
  • Add Featured / Bestseller products at home page - Engage your customers by letting them know the bestseller products on your store.
  • Clear product title and description , high quality images , reviews , related products , color swatch function, grey effect for sold out products , product labels , product quick view - All these features make your store much more convenient, authentic, easy to use and user-friendly.
  • Banner adding on Collection page - Make your collection page stand out with interesting & creative collection banners. Example of Good Collection Page
  • Add Product filter for easy navigation - Categorize & filter products by their size, colour or type so users find product to product navigation easy.Example of Ideal Product Page
  • Do Cart Page Modification : discount code , Gift wrapping , additional cart notes , delivery date picker, i agree with terms and conditions, trust badges, etc. - Personalize your customer's shopping experience with these features on your cart page.

If you need help on this please contact us.(Shopify Store Customization)

Best Regards
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hey @BEBESHESHE nice store you have.

you may add your about page with some pictures or your social accounts. Nowadays buyers are a little bit scared about new stores... So this point adds more trust.


Also, you may put valuable reviews of your product like

As an example, you can extract reviews via (Shopify data extractor) from your supplier 

You need reviews because customers belive to customers but not your product description..

if you have reviews with photos and feedbacks with a different lexicon you will have a better conversion for sure.


Best regards,

Alex from e-Scraper, 

Extract and get data from any website into your Shopify store

Alex with eScraper
Extract any data from any website into your Shopify store.
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Thank you so much for your feedback & your help! Greatly appreciated & needed! 

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This is an accepted solution.

Thanks so much for your help! & for the info I will be applying it!

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Thanks so much for your response! Your response was very informative. You really pointed out features & much needed improvements for my site. I have since taken the time to explore your great recommendations on making my store better. I have rebranded & made a lot of those changes. Thanks to you for your help and information. If it’s not asking to much I would greatly appreciate if you have a min to take another look! I would love any feedback or suggestions on the new improvements! 

Thank You,