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Hi my name is Kevin John and I have a shopify branded dropshipping store that focus on pet products. I launched it almost two years ago but I haven't made any sales since then, I need to know why I am not getting any sales. Kindly review my store.

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Hi @KevinJ17698,

Hyde here from Shopify. 

The fact that you picked a niche area like pet products is a great starting point. However, your website and product line are only one part of a journey that your customer takes. You need to create and curate a brand, and that involves creating an identity. 

The start of your identity is how you introduce and define yourself. At the moment, the only indication of what your brand stands for and what your purpose is (beyond, obviously, selling products) is this solitary section on your storefront:



You need to dedicate more space and time to describing and explaining your mission and encouraging your customers to participate. Create an About Us Page that tells your story and where you intend to go. Here's what an About Us page should contain. Similarly, if you want to encourage trust from visitors, you will need to provide them with a means of contacting you! Create a "Contact Us" page!

You could have a look through our list of sample stores for inspiration on how to narrate your story, structure your marketing. You will need to consider your content marketing funnel, how are you going to attract people to your store? As you can see, there are different types of content for different stages of a customer's journey:


 Here are resources for considering your customer's journey through your store, from the moment they land to the moment they (hopefully) make a purchase: 

I hope this all helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

All the best, Hyde. 

Hyde | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hey there @KevinJ17698 ! Here's what I'd like to suggest for your store - 

1.  On your homepage, you could use a carousel form of images instead of static images in line! 

2. You could come up with a dynamic store where images upload accordingly as you scroll down the store. 

3. I guess you forgot to add a favicon in your store. 

4. Although you've come up with a nice product page, you also need to welcome customer's reviews and feedback on your store! 

I'm from CedCommerce - a team of coders and marketing enthusiasts who help eCommerce entrepreneurs with store set-up and customizations! 

We'll be happy to assist you with any kind of customization; add-ons or planning out sales/marketing/social media strategy! 

As a Shopify store owner, you need to know the course of your journey!

It's going to help you throughout your time in the eCommerce! 

Ps. We're just a message away!

Wish you luck with your Shopify store journey! Cheers! .-. 

Helping store owners in their smooth eCommerce journey! ;)
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Hi @KevinJ17698 

You need to identify the reason for the lack of sales. Is it abandoned Carts or is there is less traffic on your website. If the traffic is not up to the mark then the suggestion is to improve the SEO of your website by adding relevant keywords to your content, in the meta title and meta description. Moreover, add a blog page where you can weekly/bi-weekly articles having content that revolves around your product niche.

Add a live chat feature to your website. This will also help you in identifying the feedback from your website visitors and you can then tweak your store and product offers according to that feedback. However, remember that SEO is a long term strategy and it gradually brings results. For a short-term solution, you need to connect to your audience directly in my opinion

If the reason for the lack of sales is abandoned carts, then I would recommend integrating abandoned cart applications to your store so that you can capture the emails of those people and retarget them later on with customized offers and push notifications.

Also, do integrate social proof to your store even if you get one sale. When a visitor sees that XYZ has just purchased from your store, it always leaves a good impact on his mind and he inclines to buy from that store. This will help in boosting your sales.

I haven't seen social icons on your website. Make sure you have a presence on Instagram and Facebook. You can add media in the form of screenshots and videos on these two platforms. This will help in driving traffic to your website.

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