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Hi! I have two themes. Don't know which one to choose from that best fit my niche and store design.

Here are the two previews of the themes:

Layout 1

Layout 2

Both themes still need work to be done as some settings can't be applied to both themes at the same time.

I just want your honest reviews and help me choose which one is actually professional and best for conversions, so I can go ahead and stick with it.




This is an accepted solution.

Hi John


Personally like layout 2, however, there are some things I would tweak on it... make the page shorter and less busy.


No one can predict which one is going to be better for conversions. You have to launch and see what your customers say. Plus once you launch, a site is never done and always going to need tweaks and changes to improve. Look at your site launch as a starting point in your site's evolution then as an end point.

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