- Feedback Appreciated (Free Gift for Good Reviews)

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"Long-time listener, first time caller" is the site and it seems to be at a dead end.  Been up for around 6 months. Reasonable traffic at this point - ~1000 Uniques/Month. Single-Digit conversions/sales.  Good stats - people come, read articles, look around but don't visit the store. I just can't seem to figure out the issue.

As for the Gift, its our "Feel Free" digital download. I'll gladly email a Coupon to Helpful Colleagues.

Thanks so Much!


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Hi, ?

I just checked out your website, but I'm still trying to figure out what you're selling,... ??


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Hey Cognitive!

To double up on what MassKoupons is saying, it took me a bit of time to figure out what it was that you were selling. Realizing of course that you have "The Secure Anonymizing WiFi Hub that protects your Freedom and Privacy" written out on the right side of the black section, for some reason this wasn't really eye-catching to me. The first thing I looked at was the image (still not sure what you're selling), the second thing I looked at was the title "Ammendment 1" (still not sure what you're selling), then I looked at the logo for clues (still not sure what you're selling), then I went to the buy now button (not sure what I'm buying). I suspect on an eye-tracking heat map, the description of what your selling would be in the "less viewed" section, which I suspect is a big part of your sales conversion issue.

No worries though! Here is what I would personally suggest...

1. You're talking about security, that's a BIG deal! Make it a big deal. What if you had a catchy headline like "Tired of worrying about your private info on the web?" or "HACKED?! Not you." Something that makes me go directly to where I need to in order to identify what you're selling :) 

2. Your content is lengthy as far as why I should purchase this box vs alternative options. You have 15 seconds or less to make your point in a paragraph, if you're lucky enough to have grabbed the reader's attention to have read it. Make sure EVERY word counts!

3. Not a critique, but I love that you have your childhood photos on the "about us" page xD


Overall my advice is to make it clearer to me (immediately):

1. What your product is
2. Why I need it
3. Why it's different from other similar products


Be well, Shopify friend :D

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Thank you Birdie and Mass - much appreciated!  It is hard to see things like that when you look at it every day.  I'll work on it. 

As promised, here is your Free Gift - hope it brings some insights and Fresh Air in the current environment. :)  Its good until Midnight on the 10th... Anyone else who sees this is welcome to use it, I just ask for some feedback.

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Hey Cognitive,

Love the product!

Have you tried different apps and methods to try to win back customers who came and left your store?

We have heaps of articles which might help you, you can check them out here:

- Ecango Team

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Hi, I browsed your site and there are a few things I see that could be possibly causing your problems. 

First is that you explain absolutely nothing about what the box does. You explain what is in it and that's all. Even in your How it works page you say absolutely nothing about what it does. You only give a link to Tor page, but to run tor you just simply need to download their browser you don't need your own server. So if you really want people to buy this you need to give them details about how it helps other than they have a green light telling them they are safe. 

Other problem I can see might be your targeting if you run ads. The whole page and the tone of it is focused on US so people from other parts of the world might be interested in reading the articles but I doubt there would be many to make a purchase.

Third is that you are selling an advanced technical product. So people will need more time than just one visit to actually think about it before they decide if they want to purchase. You need to bring them back later to finish the sale. Great tool for that are retargeting ads. You can check out ROI Hunter Easy app for that.

Hope it helps.


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Thanks Ondra - much appreciated. The comments from folks here have all been very helpful. 

If you are still around, here's another little question: I am aware of the "US Bias" but I wonder, did you check the shipping to other parts of the world? My feeling is that the cost of shipping is restrictive and I don't have any other good options right now.  Feel free to correct me.

In November I'll be looking into Remarketing. Your app seems appealing. In the spirit of your own comments, I didn't see on your App Page in Shopify *how* it saves me all that work since I'm knee-deep in Metrics, Ad Marketing, and what I call "Gaming the Internet".  Any links to more details? :)