Commercial cleaning supplies and spares store

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We have been using Shopify for a few years now and have just updated our theme to the latest version. The theme supports lots of upsells and bulk discounts we are just in the process of setting up.


We have also added a manual stock status we can update and change to In stock, Out of stock, Special order and In stock with manufacturer.


We have also used PDFs to create some interactive part finders.


Any feedback appreciated on any of the features we have added or appearance and ease of use. <--Home page  <-- Product with upsells <-- Standard product page  <-- Stock status different - note the stock status has changed from "in stock" to "in stock with manufacturer" <-- Part finder


Here are some ways to make your store even better and make people want to purchase.


Homepage Feedback

  1. Carousels have been proven to kills conversions rates ...limit how much you use the one on your site. No one is going to wait around to see what is on each sliders

  2. I would clean up the design of your homepage as there is a lot going on right now. It can be overwhelming and put people off from knowing where to start

  3. The popup of who just bought something adds no value

  4. Add links to your footer for return/refund, FAQ, and shipping policy. I didn't see these pages on your site and they are ones customers will look for

  5. I would prefer to click on a product and go to the product page and not have this product popup

Product Page  Feedback

  1. Add a longer product description as this is how you convince someone to buy on your site. Plus it helps with SEO and ranking in organic search

  2. Make sure each product has 3 - 5 images as that will help someone decide if they want to purchase. Some products I saw had only 1 or 2 images

  3. Add a section for customer reviews when you get them. This helps build social proof


Your store just needs some tweaks to take it up a level.  Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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Hi Karl_Huckerby,

  • The Footer section needs to be organized.
  • I have to say the first thing I notice at your store is the popup. It shows up immediately after I land on your site. It won't help you get customers' emails. When they land on your site, let them explore your products first. If you show the popup immediately, your customers will just close it for sure.
  • If the social media icons/links at the footer can be opened at the new tab instead of the same tab upon click. This will ensure your visitors/customers stay on your store while checking out your social media presence.

Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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Thanks for the feedback. The carousel is really just there for content and is limited to only 3 slides that switch pretty quickly to showcase a few of the latest offers or items we have stocked, I may change this to a static banner though and use the other 2 to the side of the carousel for this.


I have got rid of the pop-up all together, in all honesty until I asked for feedback I had forgot it was even there as I had been using the new version of the theme for so long it no longer appeared for me.


We are currently updating our shipping, returns and refund policies and will definitely now be placing them in the footer menu.


If you click the product title you are directed straight to the product page, the images do give you a quick view of the items, This has divided opinion but most of our customers that have bought from us old and new like the feature so they can have a quick browse as our product range is so vast, many variations or differences arent apparent from the title or main product image. 


We are currently working through our product pages and adding as much product information as possible. As most of our traffic comes from search engines and 90% of our traffic lands straight on a product page, we are working hard to make these as attractive as possible. Most finished goods now have proper landing pages with multiple high res images, and descriptions with added images and videos. The spares are a lot harder to do this with unfortunately as a for example, an m8 screw thats 2 inches long is just that but we are working hard to add more information.


Our products do already have a reviews section on and we are working on collecting as many as possible by asking customers to review there items on our website with there thank you emails and invoices.


Thanks for the feedback! 

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I would take some design tips from Emop cleaning service. It is a good example of a clean and simple UI and it is a good service overall. I used it a few times and pretty satisfied.


Hello @Karl_Huckerby ,

I just had a look at your store, your store looks great. I have a few suggestions for you hope they might help you.


  • There are no trust badges at your checkout page, try adding them as trust badges help your customers know that your site is safe to shop. 
  • I have found that there are only a few products in your store, try adding more products so that your customers will have a lot of options to select from.
  • Try adding SEO related high search keywords in your title and product description so that it will be very easy to market your products and display them at the top in google search.
  • Try adding some sale offers to your products to attract customers.
  • Add a blog page, blog page helps you to share more about your website and products which increases your site visibility.



I hope our feedback helps you.




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I would take some design tips from Emop cleaning service. It is a good example of a clean and simple UI and it is a good service overall. I used it a few times and pretty satisfied.

Totally agree with this statement.