Confused about my new store. Please give some feedback

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Hi everyone. I've been working on my store for a couple of weeks now but not sure if people will like it? I've advertised on my Facebook with no luck. Couldn't even get people to help share or like. Only 3 likes out of over 630 friends? Kind of feel embarrassed. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. ☺️

Here's the link


Thank you! 

Julianna - http://PadinTrends.Com
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Hi there your store looks great. I tried this mentor program called ghibli-business-com they help you get started on how too make sales. Good luck!!! 

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Hey there,

Well, I think a big issue is that the store doesn't seem to have an identity (to me, at least). For me, jewelry and fitness don't really go together. I workout 4 days a week, but jewelry isn't something I would think of which would enhance my healthy lifestyle.

Also, I think your competition is another huge obstacle. There are leggings, fitness and jewelry stores by the thousands. If you read threads in this forum, you'll even see many here. That's not necessarily a problem, but what can you offer to a customer that your competition can't? If you can come up with a unique selling proposition, that will be a great first step.

Hope this helps!

Good luck.

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Hi there

Yes, work on the products

Other thing, the product title too long....should be not more than 2 -3 words

Logo, can you make it little smaller

Target the audience appropriately.

Good luck



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Hello Julianna, 

Just gone through your site and found some areas where some improvements can take place and placing my feedback

  1. Logo: This one taking so much space with its square shape and leaving blank space in both the sides.
  2. Product line: You have chosen two very distinctive product lines which target two different customer groups and lead you to a very difficult promotional campaign and conversion.
  3. Competition: There are thousands of sites selling jewelry (more than 2000 in US) only and fitness wear only. You need to prove how you are different from others and can add value to your customers.
  4. Shortening the name of the product would be a better option.

As an image editing professional I must say that your product images are in good shape and well edited but they are not consistent in background. All white background would give it a more professional look. For any assistance regarding image processing you can reach us at:


Thanks- Kaoser

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Hi Julianna,

Chintan here, Expert eCommerce Shopify Tester. Helped 25+ store owners to make their websites more user-friendly.

In my view, to improve user experience on website and thereby, conversion rate, giving fablous look and feel with no visible bugs to your site is very critical. If user finds any visible bugs or mistakes on your website, there are more chances that they will not buy anything from your site and may not come back again.

I have just tried to access your webiste and looks like it is not up. Shows message:

"Opening Soon"

"Be the first to know when we launch."

I have tested many shopify sites and so, can help you improving your current website to make it more user friendly and to improve conversation rate.

Let me know if you need any help.

Chintan Chokshi
Skype: chintanc-sam

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Hello Julliana,

Seems like you haven't provided us with the storefront password, but according to some of the comments, I found out your store is about jewelry and fitness, so we will jump on that topic.

We do share some of the thoughs with Nostromo. 
There are literally thousands of stores out there selling the same things as you do, and so it will be very hard for you to convince people to purchase from you when they have so many options.

With this being said, we would like to suggest the following things:

- Have a sit on your chair or make yourself comfy in bed, and for the next couple of hours scroll Amazon, AliExpress and eBay. Look for items that will catch your attention, a certain niche, that you think can be sold really well

- Look for items you think can really sell on the internet, without people really thinking about it(This is especially for beginners, because high ticket items, and stuff that needs a lot more thinking before buying, requires different strategies, approach, retargeting ads, and overall a bit more knowledge about eCommerce )

- When you finally pick a niche, do a market research, see how many people are already selling in that niche, how many competitors are there, are there any established brands, etc

This is what I would suggest before you move on to building your store.

Also, I noticed that some of the comments implied that you had some of the basic things messed up. While this must not discourage you in any way (hey, we've all been there ), you need to spend more time on learning how to create an eye-catching store, how to optimize it, and other key aspects that factor in one cohesive and good-looking store.

TL;DR: Spend time coming up with a unique niche, look for items that sell easily on the internet, spend time reading about developing a Shopify store.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or visit our website at 



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Hi everyone. First I want to thank you all for the great help you provided. I really appreciate it lots !

Ok I've spent many hours redesigning my store hoping it will be it this time around. I decided to change it completely and go with Gadgets. ? 

Please send me any more feedback on my new store http://PadinTrends.Com.

Please let me know if this one tuned out better than the last and if it might still need some improvement. Thanks so much for all your help. 

Julianna - http://PadinTrends.Com