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Hi everyone!

I feel a bit stuck. I get traffic to my site from FB/Ig ads, but I just cannot convert any of them into sales. I would really appreciate your constructive criticism (and any tips and tricks). The website is .


Thank you everyone and have a nice day!  

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Hey there, @justas5321!  

I’m sorry you’re feeling stuck. It’s frustrating when you get  traffic, but they don’t stick around to check out. I’m assuming they aren’t abandoning their carts and are instead leaving before adding anything. 

First, let’s talk about the things you’re doing WELL! That’s always a good place to begin.

  1. You have a currency localization! That’s a wonderful asset to have on your store
  2. I like that your images aren’t stock. You have a unique vibe and stick with it.
  3. You’re encouraging visitor engagement with your Instagram, and I love to see that! 
  4. You have an incredible product line

Now let’s dive in!


  • Announcement bar: Link it to your collections. It’s a simple fix that has a huge impact on conversions! If you use heatmaps to see where people click, you may be surprised to see how many people clicked on it already. I’ve worked with merchants who made that one change and saw immediate improvements to their conversion rates. Make sure it shows on all pages. 
  • Hero image: On the surface, I like your image. However, it doesn’t showcase your product! Her hands are in front of the inspiration and the photo is cropped too high. If you’re trying to position it as wearable inspiration, you may need to tweak that. Also, you need a CTA button and some inviting text. This is the first thing someone sees, and you want to encourage them to check you out!
  • “What does ‘nuojautos’ mean?” - This is a nice length, but I’m not sure I completely understand it. I didn’t initially see that there are inspirational quips on your products, so many changing this up a bit to make it easier to understand would help? 
  • Featured collection: Now that I know more about your products, rethinking how your feature them will help. You have such a cool product set, but I couldn’t see that from the homepage. 
  • Instagram feed: Link to your Instagram page (make sure it opens in a new tab). For the Instagram feed, I wouldn’t show 9 pictures; I would show 3 instead. It’s taking up a lot of space right now! If you use a scroll heatmap to see how far people scroll, are people scrolling deep enough to see it? 


  • FAQs: Link your email address. 
  • Contact us: Link your contact information and add in a simple contact form - you really only need name, email address and message. 
  • Newsletter: Tell people why they should sign up! You have such a fun, unique and inspiring brand. Like you said - “Wear the love. Share the love.” You need to add that same value to your newsletter. Do they get a discount? Are there weekly inspirational emails? What can they expect? 
  • Social media: Make sure it opens in a new tab rather than the same tab

Main Navigation

  • This is where I think you need to put some work into it. Right now, it’s fine but includes pages that don’t necessarily need to be on the main navigation.
  • Signs: This has to change. It’s not obvious that this means Shop. When I initially looked at your main navigation, I thought the only way to access your products was from the homepage. 
  • Missing: Add a Home option to your main navigation.
  • About us, FAQs, Delivery policy, Returns: Use your heatmap to see if there are clicks on these pages from the main navigation. If not, keep them in the footer.
  • Contact us: I typically leave them in the main navigation if the majority of your traffic is from mobile. 
  • In general, watch session recordings of people landing on your site. I peaked at your Facebook ads, and it looks like you direct them to your homepage. Watch how people engage, how they navigate and what they’re doing. 

Collection Pages

  • I like that you have a filter, but it’s not very helpful. The filter for “tshirts” needs to be updated to be more helpful, like inspiration, rating, etc. 
  • Other than that, you’re consistent, and the layout works. If you’re going to add more to it, I would definitely recommend having the image show on the hover-over.

Product Pages

  • I would feature your shipping information below the price, especially reiterating free shipping. 
  • Instead of starting with the t-shirts, I would open on the image with the quote. That’s the one of the consistent trends that I think you should work on. You have a really cool product, but no one knows how cool it is until they go to a product page. Up until this point, it just looks like a shirt. There may be room to work on that to 1) help people understand your product better and 2) generate more awareness earlier in the sales funnel. 

You have a good looking store here and amazing products! I know you’re frustrated now, but I believe that visitor behavior is going to help SHOW you exactly what people are confused or running into conversion pain points. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, and more with a free trial (no credit card required) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps, and good luck! I can’t wait to see how your business takes off.

Cheers - Danny

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Hi Danny!

Thank you so much for taking your time and providing valuable insight!

Bless you, I hope you have a wonderful day!