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Just started our store, and just started our product lines, would like suggestions of improvement.  Although web set up is user friendly, still struggling in a couple of areas.


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Hi Gmabizowner,

Your products looks cute.

  • Your store doesn't have a favicon. A favicon is a small, iconic image that represents your website. Favicons are most often found in the tab of your web browser. You can find information to how you can add here.
  • Your logo looks good but it's a little small. So that it's difficult to read. Consider making this look bigger or change.
  • The background color around the logo needs to be removed. It does not look professional. Make transparent your logo background.
  • Make sure add a short tagline and a call to action button at every image of slider.
  • You have a newsletter box which is great. But I would recommend adding a discount code to entice your visitor to give an email address.

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Congratulation for your store. I have gone through your store and hope following suggestion will help you.


1. Optimize your store loading speed for mobile and desktop

2. I think you should go for more attractive design

3. Optimize your product landing page for Facebook ads

4. Optimize your store for SEO

5. Integrate your Instagram feed at home

6. Use Facebook and Instagram Shop for sale

7. Add blog section

8. Add about us pages

9. Use call to action at banners


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Thanks & Regards

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Hi Gmabizowner,


Your site is great and the bummies collections is very cute.

I have reviewed your website briefly and here are some of my feedbacks that you can implement on the site easily.


  1. Put your about us text on the banner, it will give the user the idea what your site is about and reduce the page scroll.
  2. Add featured product section on home page.
  3. Add add to cart button on your collection page.
  4. Make sure each product has 3 - 5 images as that will help someone decide if they want to purchase.
  5. Make sure all your product images are the same size and dimensions. This is going to help tie your site together
  6. Add a longer product description as this is how you convince someone to buy on your site. Plus it helps with SEO and ranking in organic search
  7. Add about us, contact us page. On contact us page, add email, phone number and contact form.
  8. You can add Sitemap on the site footer, it’s good for SEO purpose.
  9. I can see that you are using default search for Shopify which is pretty basic considering that it shows empty result page even for simple search queries, for eg. Improving your search experience has shown to improve conversion rates and reduce the bounce rate for your visitors. Just replace default search on the website with different search solution such as Sparq. It will allows advanced filters, typo tolerance and other such feature and its free upto 100 products.

I hope my feedback will help you converting visitors into customers.


May it rains customers and orders,

Neha :)


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