Constructive feedback?

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Hi Guys, been running my store for 6 months now, I have had some success, but looking for some constructuve feedback to help things along.


Much appreciated

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Hi Josh,

WOW...good looking website and the images are fantastic!!

Product reviews are most important in the consumer’s perspective when purchasing a product. This can help them to choose the right product by customers ecperiences. You can ask the customers to review the product after they recieved their order. I suggest some links have a look

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Hello Josh,

The store is very neat and clean, it looks awesome! Here are few recommendations.

  • You may change default Shopify favicon to your own brand icon.
  • On the homepage advisable to have bit introductory and features content like here - please check the second section.
  • On product page, you may like to add material details, like paper quality.

Best regards!


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Josh Abbott!

I love the pictures!

The page is very good, clean, impressive images! All right!

I am a graphic designer (17 years of experience)

Constructive criticism:

1. I would like to see from a first glance that you are selling picture frames.
2. I would like to see context, that is. I can not imagine these images in my living room, room, office.
3. I would like to be able to browse by Size and Power to choose by Format.

Maybe a photo of a design room, with all the measurements of a particular format.

In the filter by location section, try to keep the same image format as ex: 4: 2 or 5: 1 for all images. It would be more ordered.

Work a little more your logo. :)

Make one image for one option measure, and put the image in context so clients can imagine this beatifull pictures in her homes.

And finally...When are you going to invite me!!!! :)

 I've taken the trouble to make an example of the home, I hope you like it.