Conversion problem on our store

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Hi Everyone,


We launched our store in Oct. It was built by a very well respected Shopify developer.


We are doing social media ads and we are getting 300-500 visitors a day. Unfortunately our conversion is between.25%-.50%.  We understand it takes time but we are continually getting abandoned carts.  Any and all feed

back is greatly appreciated.


thank you,



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If you are getting the traffic, but there is an issue with conversion then you should definitely try to see what the issue is. How many people bounce off the site completely vs add to cart? If those people also converted what would your conversion rate be then? When I look at your store there isn't really anything compelling me to take action. Your call to action buttons are all black. (Add to cart, shop now, sign up, etc.) Since your website is already predominately black and white those buttons just kind of blend in when what you actually need are those buttons to stand out. Best call to action buttons are red, green, orange, or yellow. Worst call to action button colors are black, brown, and white. 

Do you have google analytics installed? Google analytics is an excellent tool that can really help answer a lot of questions about your site. You can see where people are leaving your site exactly, page load times, and an entire host of other things. Once all of those things are in top shape and you have traffic, the next question would be what you are selling. You are in a very over saturated category with endless competition so you really need to push what makes your product different and why things like basic leggings are really worth that $80.

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Thanks so much for the feedback. We will change the call to action button.

To be honest we really don’t have any competition. We do plus size. There’s almost no brands competing with us in the space. Regular activewear brand absolutely. We do have Google analytics and we’re looking into how we can determine where the issues are.
Thank you so much for taking the time to give me feedback.
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Hello @staceyseg


Trust you are doing good. I just happen to check your website

Firstly the website is just good only take a note of below points before you plan to market your website


1. Inner pages place the footer as you have on home page

2. there is no link of about us -create a page and place the same  link in the footer area of the website.

3. remove social links from product details page -

4. In the FIT Chart please mention sizes as per US or UK or EU many people may be confused


5. when I scroll down the black promo bar goes away only the menu is visible.

6. after adding a product in the cart - " i get to see a message - Or Spend $100, get 30% off " this is be in the promo bar" this should be on all the pages

7. After adding a product in the cart i see on the top in the bag icon "1" product added but when i click on cart it shows " 0 "  in bag see below


112  - cart icon on top (bag) shows 0 but product is added2 - cart icon on top (bag) shows 0 but product is added










Please get this sorted before you start marketing campaigns. I can help you in getting this glitches sorted.


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This probably sounds like an obvious thing but I'll still ask you: are you advertising to the right audience? By right I mean are you advertising to women who are looking for plus sizes? Your items are so niched that only those kinds of audience will find it relative. 


Also, how do you have 15K followers on IG and not even 100 likes on average? What's with such horrible engagement rate?