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I have a lot of traffic to my site 600-800/day. However, I have yet to crack the code to high sales volumes. My site is I'd like as much feedback on my site as possible so that I can find the winning formula from other successful shop owners.





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Hi There,

I have checked your store and it looks great.

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Hey Daniel,

I took a look at your store and here are some insights I have for you.

The bar with the main menu and the logo is too large. It is probably because of the size of the logo. You should think about making it smaller. Because you made it to move with the visitor as he scrolls the page it takes up too much space. It is fin on larger screens but when browsing on laptop it's not ideal. 

The strongest feature of your site are the shoes. Especially the gadget for designing your own shoes is very cool. It might be good to write a page about how those kinds of shoes are made. 

You also clearly put some work to the product descriptions of the shoes, but now they are too long. The visitors don't really want to browse through that much info.

There should be a small paragraph about the qualities of the shoes and why the visitor should buy them (unique selling propositions). And then some necessary technical detail the visitor needs to know to be able to pick the right size etc. Rest of the info you have there like shipping should have own dedicated page for the whole store. Also, the info about handmade can be in About us page where you would write that you oversee that all your products are of best quality, shoes are handmade etc.

Also, the product name is way too large on the product page. You can easily make it smaller. 

The rest of your product categories are not so good. You clearly want to offer everything a man can need, but for that, you have some product categories that are empty (hats, ties). 

You have some products that have bad product pictures (small size, weird looking etc.)

Products other than shoes don't have any product description except technical details. 

You even have two identical products for a different price (Tommy Hilfiger gray suit)

Some of the suits you offer don't even have a size. That is a huge mistake that can cost you a lot of customers. If you want to sell high end mans clothing you need the page to be perfect. Man have high demands for formal clothes, especially if they are a high-end brand. Seeing that you offer them without even writing what size they are would lose you the trust of almost any visitor. 

Also, you shouldn't just write the size in the product name and let the customer pick only quantity. You should always put size option on the product page, even if it will contain just one size. That way the visitor might think that the rest of the sizes are sold out. If you put it in the product name he will know right away that you offer it only in this size, never had any other sizes and will probably leave. 

The number of visitors you mentioned is very high. You should think about approaching them with retargeting. You can try app ROI Hunter Easy for that. It generates personalized ads with products your visitors left in the cart or have browsed. Sometimes, the visitors make a purchase immediately but usually, they need more than one visit to make a decision and it's good to remind them of your store.

If you'll need more feedback or advice you can try this FB group. It small but still growing group of people interested in improving their e-commerce.

Hope it helps.


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Hello Daniel,

Congrats with your store and for taking action,
I had a look at your store, and honestly it looks crowded and spammy, too much pop ups, it looks unfinished you need to re design it, if you want it to convert to continue sales.

A key factor for the success of your store is Marketing.

Everything falls down to Marketing and Sales, you need to know how to drive traffic to your store, you need to know the platform you are using to drive traffic, and you need to know your audience and what products fits them.

Your store must also be optimized and set into a funnel to make continue conversions.

There is a lot of information online, you can search on forums, Facebook groups,YouTube and Quora. Sometimes it can get too overwhelming tho,

I see that you are working very hard, and that is what you need to succeed, you need to have goals, commitment, and determination, most people fail on these. and finally you need guidance.

It is the same as when you got your driving licence, yes maybe you knew how to drive, but you still needed an instructor to guide you to the right direction.

It is the same with this business, you will need guidance to set you in the right direction, so you can become later on a professional driver of your store.

It is not complicated if you have guidance.

If you need anymore help,and you are still struggling to make profit with e-commerce, for 5 years now I am helping many eCommerce stores to success. book a free one on one session with me here:

Best Regards


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All your shoes cost $359 ?

is a little weird this no?


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 Hi Daniel,


We are a Chicago-based company working with Shopify stores to lift their Conversion rate. Let's chat! You can reach me at